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Support for effective stewardship of the Yemeni Health Sector

Afrique Subsaharienne
Source du financement
Commission Européenne
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Description du projet
The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to support MoPHP in its challenge to improve the health and nutrition status of the population.
Description des services rendus
The consultant, in close cooperation with and under the technical guidance of the Health Policy and Technical Support Unit (HPTSU - MoPHP), will support the MoPHP in the fundamental task of capacity development. The expected attitude and methodology has to be as close as possible to the definition of capacity development given by UNDP: "the process by which individuals, organizations, institutions and societies develop, strengthen, and maintain the capabilities (individually and collectively) to set and achieve their own development objectives over time". It is not expected that the experts act "instead of" but that they act "in support of".  
The expected results are hereby described by area of intervention and they include:
1. The MoPHP is enabled to steer internal and external coordination both on technical and on strategic grounds;
2. The institutional relationships between different levels of governance (district, governorate, central level) work on the basis of standard operating procedures that allow for evidence based policy development;
3. The policy-making functions of the MoPHP are based on increasing available and comprehensive data and reflect budget allocations and investments consistent with the objectives to be reached.
A balanced combination of quick wins as well as more long term achievements need to be factored in while drafting the offer.