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Governance In health: Technical cooperation for reproductive health services in Yemen

Golf persique - proche et moyen orient
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Description du projet
The project has the scope of assisting three new HDCs in the roll out of the activities targeting RH services as well as contributing to strategic planning in a sustainable way for progressive improvement of health indicators in Yemen and for increased effectiveness of decentralization of authority.
At the moment of writing the ToR the HDCs have not been egally established yet (the format of ministerial decree and the by-laws are ready, but not yet signed). It is expected that this operation will take some time, nevertheless support to capacity building at different levels can already start while waiting for the legal demarches to be completed.
In the general landscape of Governorate capacities and needs the three selected Governorates compound all, though to different extent, compelling needs in terms of improving health indicators but offer at the same time a relatively stable management structure, thereby increasing chances of a
November 2010 Page 9 of 15 successful support. The results achieved in the three other Governorates (Taiz, Hodeida and Lahj) also offer the opportunity for cross-fertilization, for further development of the "old" Governorates and for maximizing the impact of lessons learned there.

The relatively short time of implementation assigned to this consultancy calls for a vigorous intervention in terms of capacity building and on the job support as, at the same time, the EU will provide support for rolling out RH activities.

The two key directorates at the central MoPHP (Planning and Development and Populations) need to be encouraged to support with their comparative advantages (management and governance for the former and technical/clinical inputs for the latter) and focus on the achievement of results in the
three selected Governorates.

The ToR have been centred on one key expert, leaving however a substantial amount of unallocated fee-days for non-key experts (long term and short term). Ideally a combination of a resident key-expert (Team Leader), ensuring continuity and at least one long term non-key expert with mainly tasks of coordinating and supporting the learning curve of the HDCs (capacity building, twinning programmes with other governorates...) and of short term or intermittent experts
ensuring that relevant specialized topics will be well covered has been the guiding line in designing this intervention. Resource persons/teams already working in the "old" Governorates as well as technical staff of the central level or of the Academia or NGOs is also encouraged to be considered by the consultant in order to maximise the inputs in a relatively short time.

The Governorate strategic planning exercise is expected to start soon. Although it will take time before its complete roll out, it is essential at this point in time that the exercise involves appropriately all the interested parties and starts on solid grounds.

Key expert 1: Team Leader

Santé publique
Long term
Fin du recrutement
Description du poste
Given the needs for flexibility, what follows is a minimal list of tasks to be undertaken in order to
achieve the contract objective. Fine tuning and adjustments will be needed along the course of the
1. Advisory support to the General Director in his strategic decisions and policy formulation;
2. Advisory support for the Strategic Planning (CGHP as well as PGHP, Programme
Governorate Health Plans);
3. Support to mapping and networking with all stakeholders of the Health Sector at
Governorate level;
4. Support to units and departments with technical and management links with the HDC;
5. Support to coordination mechanisms and standard operating procedures for the GHO, DHO
and HDC functioning;
6. Support for the capacity development and support for the GHOs/DHOs in their regular
work of supervision;
7. Support for the relevant capacity development needs for HDCs, GHOs and DHOs and
other stakeholders;
8. Support to government/local measures aiming to retain and continuously develop staff;
9. Organization and follow up of steering committees to follow up on the development of the
project as well as fine-tuning needs not foreseen at the moment of writing the ToR;
10. Support for twinning mechanisms with other Governorates;
11. The Consultant must also observe the latest Communication and Visibility Manual for EU
External Actions concerning acknowledgement of EC financing of the project
Compétences requises
Qualifications and skills :
Expert in health policy and planning in fragile countries;
Degree(s) in health policy, public health, medicine or related fields;

General professional experience:
Minimum of ten years of working experience in the health sector Demonstrable experience in team management;
Excellent written and oral English language skills Specific professional
Minimum of five years experience in the field of policy and planning in fragile countries in the health sector;
Familiar with post-conflict/reconstruction and developing countries;
Prior working experience in governmental institutions;
Prior working experience in grassroots health projects;
Local language skills would be an asset;
Prior working experience in Yemen or similar environment would be an asset;
Ability to work under stress and diplomatic skills
Durée de la mission et date de démarrage
mission duration : 21 months
From: 15 Sept 2012
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