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Regional program to support food and nutrition security in West Africa

Afrique Subsaharienne
Date début
Date fin
Description du projet
ECOWAS will start shortly a program to support food security and nutrition in West Africa, supported with AFD funding. This program will contribute to develope the technical content, institutional framework and financial mechanism of ECOWAP, the regional agricultural policy. The program includes four components : (i) Implementation of a renewed approach to food security analysis (FS) - (ii) Promotion of public tools for market regulation - (iii) Management of regional instruments for management of Food Security , (vi) strengthening of ECOWAS institutional capacity to define and implement regional FS policies. This regional program will be coordinated by a team of five staff (a coordinator, an accountant and three thematic program officers) over a four years period, supported by a Technical Assistant for the first two years.

Program coordinator

Sécurité Alimentaire
Long term
Fin du recrutement
Description du poste
Program coordinator
Compétences requises
At least 10 years of professional experience, with program coordination experience in the fields "rural development" or "food and nutrition security."
- Experience in planning, coordination, administrative and financial management of programs at national or regional levels.
- Experience in supervising the preparation of call for tenders.
- Good knowledge of regional institutions and integration policies in West Africa
- Leadership, and team management skills and experience
- Excellent communication and negotiation skills with various institutional partners.
- Excellent written and oral communication skills both in English and French
- The candidate should have experience in at least two countries in the region;
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