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Design Community Score Card mechanism and support technical evaluation of implementers

Afrique Subsaharienne
Date début
Date fin
Description du projet
The overall objective of the assignment is to contribute to poverty reduction in Swaziland by improved social service delivery: better access and quality of services.
The specific objective is to establish a Community Score Card measuring citizen's satisfaction with health and social protection services. This will help monitor the overall progress of the EU/WB project. By community empowerment and dialogue with responsive health authorities, improvement in access ad quality of health services is achieved.
Description des services rendus
1. Draft a short assignment report.
2. Draft Guidelines for Applicants (following EU formats and procedures) for a Call for Proposals for local Non-State Actors.
3. Draft Terms of Reference (following EU formats and procedures) for the long term service contract which will be in charge of guiding the work of the NSA.
4. Be external assessor in the selection of long term service contract.
5. Be external assessor in the selection of a local NSA.
6. Draft a concise operational manual for the whole process of establishing a sustainable Community Score Card programme.
7. After the necessary time lapse for proposals to be submitted: return to Swaziland to support the technical evaluation process of the call for proposals.

Senior Expert in the public health and basic health service delivery, community utilization of care and health seeking behaviour

Santé publique
Short term
Fin du recrutement
Compétences requises
A Medical Doctor or health professional with Masters Degree in a relevant discipline
At least 10 years of relevant experience working in the sector(s) of improving basic health care
At least 10 years of experience in developing countries that includes Governments and development partners on a wide range of health care delivery, access to health care, financial barriers to access basic social services
Experience in health care delivery for HIV/AIDS, TB, ante-natal, maternal health and neonatal care, sexual and reporductive health and rights, improving quality of health care, health seeking behaviour
Knowledge of social benefits issues including social cash transfers
Durée de la mission et date de démarrage
56 working days in two missions
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