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Mental Health Specialist

Amérique latine (centrale et sud)
St Vincent and the Grenadines
Mois de travail
1,5 months
Date début
Date fin
Description du projet
The global objective of this project is to improve the delivery of health care services to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The project purpose is to contribute specified resources toward the continuous development of an efficient, effective and sustainable health care delivery system for the people of SVG especially preventing and managing the prioritised Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (CNCDs).

The specific objective of this contract is to provide the expertise needed to assist the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment to develop and implement a holistic programme including targeted public awareness and lifestyle behaviour change initiatives to prevent and manage CNCDs. Additionally, the provision of this technical assistance will support improvements in the management and efficiency of the Environmental Health Division and the Mental Health Centre as well as to improve the management of the MCMH, including establishing a quality assurance system.
Description des services rendus
The Mental Health Specialist will be member of a team of 4 experts.
The Mental Health Specialist will perform his/her duties under the direction of the 10th EDF Project Manager of the MoHW&E and the supervision of the Team Leader.  This key expert will liaise directly with the Psychiatrist at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre to deliver result number 3 of Section 2.4 above. Specifically, this expert will be required to:
• Develop a Mental Health Policy for the period 2013 - 2020 and a corresponding Action Plan to further integrate the mental health services into the primary health care system. The Policy will propose (but not limited to) the following:
• A shift in the current focus of the public mental health services from the treatment of severe persistent mental illness to mental health promotion and prevention of mental disorders such as depression, substance related disorders and child and adolescent psychiatric disorders,
• Integration of mental health into current primary health care services,  
• Practical efficient use of limited mental health resources in the provision of the gamut of services (from crisis intervention to mental health promotion),  
• Monitoring and evaluation framework that is compatible with regional mental health data collection systems.

Develop an action programme leading towards optimal social placement to meet the needs of the Mental Hospital residents, following current professional trends towards community-based integration of the patients that can be discharged.
Complete a comprehensive review of all previous reports related to mental health service delivery in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Facilitate a workshop with key stakeholders to obtain feedback on draft Policy document and action plan.
Present a power-point presentation on the final draft report to top management team and relevant stakeholders in MOHW&E.  

Mental Health Specialist

Short term
Fin du recrutement
Compétences requises
Qualifications and skills
• At least a Medical degree with specialist qualification in Psychiatry, Masters Degree in Mental Health Administration, Mental Health Studies, Public Health or a related Mental Health discipline.
• Excellent organisational skills.
• Excellent capacity to work and communicate in the English Language.
• Proof of analytical capabilities and technical writing skills.
• Excellent capacity to work and deliver within deadlines.

General professional experience
• Experience in conducting mental health needs assessments.
• Familiarity with EU rules and implementation procedures.  

Specific professional experience
• A minimum of ten (10) years experience in mental health and health services planning.
Durée de la mission et date de démarrage
35 days
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