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Technical Assistance for the preparation of the implementation and the follow up of the Health support programmes in the Republic of South Sudan

Afrique Subsaharienne
Republic of South Sudan
Mois de travail
Date début
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Description du projet
As South Sudan is not a signatory to the revised Cotonou Agreement (2005), the European Commission through the EU Delegation in Sudan will act as Authorising Officer for EC funding until the EU Delegation in South Sudan will be fully staffed in order to implement this task. The two components of BHESS programme will be implemented by the EU Delegation through indirect centralised management (delegation agreement) and direct centralised management, via a service contract, works/supply contracts as well as grants, as deemed necessary.

 Global objective
In overall terms, the assignment will support development cooperation of the EUD in the health sector in South Sudan.

 Specific objectives
More specific objectives of the assignment are as follows:
- design the "Human Resources for Health" component of the BHESS program;
- preparation of the tender documentation for the implementation of the HRH component;
- drafting and finalisation of a Delegation agreement for the implementation of the Health Pooled Fund component of BHESS;
- support to coordination with other international donors in the health sector;
- support to sector policy dialogue in view of a satisfactory level of ownership from the beneficiary side.
Description des services rendus
Since a full-fledged EU Delegation will not be operational in South Sudan before the second semester of 2012, the TA shall reinforce the capacity of the EU Delegation in Juba in implementing the health sector programme. In particular, the TA shall support the detailed design, preparation and set up of the BHESS programme under the SFS.

Programme design and preparation phase
- The TA shall substantially contribute to detailed design the HRH component of BHESS. This shall include a design of the training activities that will later on be managed by the service contractor in charge of the implementation of the HRH component.
In order to carry out this task, the TA will inter alia organise and participate in field visits to the States to identify localities targeted by the HRH component of BHESS activities.

- The TA shall reinforce the capacity of the EU Office in Juba in setting up necessary contractual, management and financing arrangements for the whole HRH component.
At this regard, the expert will cover the preparatory activities related to the component, detailed design of the HRH component content, drafting of tender documents (contract, terms of reference, budget) and following through its finalisation with signature of the service contract with the implementing partner. Assistance will be provided by the TA for both the service contract and in the design and preparation of the direct support mechanism for activities to be implemented in the target areas (grant for national training institutions selected by the MOH).

- The TA will assist and support in the set up and the start of activities of the EU Technical Assistance Team as identified in the BHESS project design.

- The expert will assist in the identification of the work programme of the implementing party of the HRH component of BHESS.

- The TA will also help in setting up the Steering committee, which is foreseen by the BHESS program for the overall direction of the programme.  Further on, the TA will support the setting up of State level Steering Committees as eventually identified in the design of the HRH component.

- Similarly to what is requested for the HRH component, the TA will provide assistance to the EUD for the preparation of the other "Support to the Health Pool Fund" component of the BHESS health programme, for which most likely a Delegation Agreement between the EUD and DIFD has to be prepared and finalised. The TA assistance will then consist in drafting the Delegation Agreement and ensure coordination between DFID and the EUD in view of the conclusion of the agreement.
In carrying out the above mentioned activities, the TA will have to ensure a good level of coordination between EU development projects and ECHO activities in view of easing the link of relief, rehabilitation and development (LRRD).

- The TA will also perform any other necessary tasks required for the preparation and start up of the BHESS program components.

Senior Expert Public Health

Santé publique
Short term
Fin du recrutement
Compétences requises
- Category II: at least 15 years of general professional experience.

- The candidate should hold a post graduate university degree (MPH or PHD level) in a relevant subject, preferably in Public Health.

- The candidate should have solid experience in programme management and EDF financial and procurement procedures (drafting of tenders, terms of reference, service contracts, budget, delegation agreements).

- The candidate should have good knowledge of public health and direct experience of health system management, especially HR planning; training, policy dialogue with national partners within Ministry of Health.

- Previous working experience in the health Sector - focusing on the HR training and management in a similar context (developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa) is required. Work experience in South Sudan or Sudan would be an asset.

- Good communication skills. The expert must be able and used to work in a multicultural environment.

- Knowledge of project management computer applications is essential.

- The working language for the assignment will be English; therefore good oral and written English skills are essential.
Durée de la mission et date de démarrage
120 working days (continuous mission over a period of 5 months and a half - 195 calendar days - based on a 5 day working week)
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