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Development of strategic models for Procurement and Supply (PSM) systems covering essential medical supply in Sierra Leone

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Afrique Subsaharienne
Sierra Leone
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Description du projet
Government of Sierra Leone (GSL) has identified a weak PSM system that fails to deliver the essential medical supplies to the mother and children in a reliable manner as an important barrier in its ability to reduce the high maternal mortality and infant mortality rates in the country. In partnership with UNICEF and the stakeholders who have interest in this area (including the European Commission, the WorldBank, UN agencies and NGOs), Ministry of Health, Water and Sanitation (MOHWS) have identified capacity development in the health systems and in particular in the area of pharmaceutical procurement and supply chain management as an important area which need to be strengthen immediately if MDG 4, 5 and 6 are to be met by 2015.

The Minister of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) and the President Office has requested UNICEF to support the Ministry with development of a well functional and sustainable PSM system. Preliminary consultations have reaffirmed a general acknowledgement that technical support in terms of capacity development attempts in various parts of the supply chain will only have an impact if the root cause problems are addressed. Consequently, a High Level Steering Committee composed by the President Office, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Finance and UNICEF Representative is established to follow up on even more comprehensive reform suggestions. Realizing that the implementing part of the work scope will be defined as part of the conceptual considerations, the PSM revitalization project has been divided into two distinct phases: Phase 1: PSM assessment, conceptualization and strategic planning, and Phase 2: Implementation and phase out.
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Supporting phase 1, UNICEF is requesting the Bidder to guide and manage the process of developing and establishing agreement around concepts, risk assessment, feasibility and design of a sustainable PSM system. This process will be overseen by the High Level Steering Committee with UNICEF providing the leadership in convening development partners who have interest and capacity to support this work and with a view to ensure that the Government benefits fully in a coordinated manner.