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Final Evaluation Mission of the project: Health in the Eastern Cape III

Afrique Subsaharienne
South Africa
Montant total du projet (EUR)
13.868 €
Source du financement
Date début
Date fin
Description du projet
The project objectives were to contribute to the Eastern Cape Provincial efforts to improve healthcare delivery and to strengthen Human Resource Development (HRD), management and technology at the Provincial Department of Health, with focus on the Mnquma sub District.
The mission's main objective was to undertake a Final Evaluation of Project RSA/005 for Lux-Development, with a view of establishing the impact and lessons learned from the project's implementation.

In this context, the mission should:

• Analyze the results and the specific aims reached by the end of the project, compared with what had been anticipated in the project/inception documents;
• Describe the covered zone and the beneficiaries of the project;
• Analyze the project's management and monitoring
• Analyze the project by using the following evaluation criteria, also taking into account the
Transversal themes:
Evaluation criteria: relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability
  - Fight against poverty
  - Democratic governance
  - Gender
  - Environment
• Establish the lessons learned and give recommendations useful to the ECDoH and Lux Development for the implementation of other or future projects in the same sector.
Description des services rendus
One Public Health consultant was appointed to assess the implementation of the four components of the project (result areas):

- Health policy and planning;
- Health technology;  
- District and hospital management;
- Infrastructure rehabilitation and maintenance.