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Identification and formulation of the EU 2016 Nutrition programme

Asie + océanie
Source du financement
EC FWC Benef 2013
Mois de travail
51 Working Days over 7 months
Date début
Date fin
Description du projet
The Global objective of the assignemnt is to assist the Governments of Sindh, as well as the EU Delegation, in identifying and formulating a nutrition programme to be agreed upon in 2016. The Specific objective is to assist the EU Delegation in drafting an Identification Fiche and an Action Document for a Nutrition programme (approximately 35M€) to be approved by headquarters within the 2016 Annual Action Programme.
Description des services rendus
During two missions in Pakistan, the experts shall conduct desk reviews, consult the various stakeholders, visit some project activities for lessons learning, organise workshops with stakeholders, collect and analyse the relevant information, draft the relevant documents, etc.
Throughout their task, the experts shall in particular:
- Analyse the relevant policy and institutional set-up, assessing gaps for potential EU interventions
- Assess the technical capacities of the potential project implementers
- Analyse the social and economic impact of the proposed intervention
- Define the key indicators that shall be used within the programme's logical framework to measure progress and impact.
It shall be particularly important for the experts to assess the potential synergies with all on-going and future EU interventions in Sindh (rural development, education, nutrition, governance), in order to develop synergies amongst this new nutrition programme and them, so as to multiply the impact on nutrition in Sindh.
Required outputs:
The experts shall produce an Inception Report at the beginning of each mission.
They shall produce an Identification Fiche (also called "Initial Action Document") by the end of the first mission and a full-fledged Action Document by the end of the second mission.

Nutrition Experts

Short term
Fin du recrutement
Description du poste
We are looking for 2 nutrition experts for an intervention of 51 working days each.
Compétences requises
Expert profile :
- A University degree, or equivalent, in a relevant area*.
- Post graduate studies and/or trainings in related areas* will be considered an advantage.
- At least 12 years of professional experience in relevant areas*.
- Experience of undertaking at least 4 identifications / formulations of nutrition programmes.
- Experience in implementing, monitoring or evaluating at least 2 to 5 different programmes related to nutrition, by which a lesser number is accepted if this implies a longer duration of the assignment.
- Relevant experience in South Asia, preferably in Pakistan.
- Excellent command of English, both in speaking and writing, as it will be the working language. Knowledge within the team of Urdu and possibly Sindhi is an advantage but is not a criterion for exclusion.
- Experience in EU programmes, especially in the identification and formulation of these programmes, is an advantage though not considered essential.
- Team Leader: shall have a "nutrition specific" profile (medical treatment of malnutrition). As a consequence, s/he should have studied and worked in public health and more specifically in the area of nutrition.
- Expert 2 : shall have a "nutrition sensitive" profile. As a consequence, s/he should have studied and worked in areas having an impact on nutrition, such as agriculture, food security, social transfers, or relevant directly related disciplines, but with a preference for the water, sanitation and hygiene discipline.
- Desirable: experience in designing, implementing or evaluating budget support programmes, preferably in a related area.
- Desirable: experience in designing, implementing or evaluating programmes related to community mobilisation and local development.
- Team Leader: experience as a team leader in at least 7 assignments or at least 4 years as team leader/manager in programme implementation.
Durée de la mission et date de démarrage
- Start on 24/08/2015: First mission of 20 working days
- Early 2016: second mission of 25 w. days
- 6 w.days are allocated for home work
C.V. modèle
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