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Institutional capacity building project in planning, leadership and management in the Uganda Health Sector Phase II

Afrique Subsaharienne
Mois de travail
46 working days
Date début
January 2015
Date fin
May 2015

International Expert (Medical Doctor specialized in Public Health)

Santé publique
Short term
Fin du recrutement
Description du poste
AEDES is looking for an international expert (Medical Doctor specialized in Public Health) for a formulation of the “Institutional Capacity Building Project in Planning, Leadership and Management in the Uganda Health Sector Phase II”, funded by Belgian Technical Cooperation.
The formulation process is a participatory process involving all categories of stakeholders, primarily the beneficiaries. This will contribute to the ownership of the formulation outputs by all actors.
The formulation aims to align with national policies, based on critical thinking. As for the administrative and financial alignment, optimal integration into the procedures of the partner country will be searched for.
The Technical and Financial File (TFF) will have to be written in a way to allow sufficient flexibility in the implementation in function of needs and context.
The expert will coordinate a team of 6 experts (national and international) to such aims.
Compétences requises
1. The international consultant will have the profile of a medical doctor specialised in public health.
2. At least 10 years pertinent experience in the field of international health
3. Longstanding experience in health systems organization and institutional strengthening interventions
4. Knowledge and experience particularly in the field of institutional strengthening and Result-Based Financing
5. Experience with Private-for-Not-For-Profit subsector
6. Knowledge/ experience in health financing in the health sector
7. Knowledge of health service organization in African context
8. Knowledge of health system and institutional strengthening interventions in the health sector in Africa
9. Competencies in policy analysis, health coverage plans and governance in the health sector and long-term field experience in African district health systems.
10. Experience with preparing, implementing, managing and evaluating interventions in the health sector
11. Being familiar with the methodology of formulating health interventions and the writing of project documents.
12. Knowledge of participatory planning methods
13. Fluent English speaking and writing is obligatory.
Durée de la mission et date de démarrage
Mission schedule
• Briefing in Brussels: 3 working days in January 2015
• First Mission in Uganda: 15 working days in January-February 2015
• First Report and Debriefing in Brussels: 10 working days in March 2015
• Second Mission in Uganda: 8 working days in April 2015
• Final Report: 10 15 working days in May 2015
C.V. modèle
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