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Nigeria State Health investment programme for results based financing technical assistance

Afrique Subsaharienne
Adamawa regio
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Description du projet
The Nigeria State Health Investment Project  (NSHIP) aims to address two key challenges encountered in the current Nigeria portfolio (i) How to enhance the focus on results; and (ii) How to shift the Bank’s strategic focus to a few states in order to demonstrate improved health outcomes. The project will:  (i) test the effectiveness of results based management tools through programmatic financing linked to a set of disbursement linked indicators (DLIs) at state and local government level and Performance-Based Financing (PBF) for health facilities; (ii) build social accountability through community management of health facilities and performance measurement of health outputs and (iii) invest in strengthening monitoring and evaluation (M&E) mechanisms. These pilot innovations will be carefully evaluated using rigorous methodologies and implemented at a sustainable level of expenditure. Lessons learned from these large scale pilots will provide the basis for quickly scaling up successful interventions. The project will be implemented in three states (Adamawa, Nasarawa and Ondo).

Health Economist/ Health Specialist – Technical Advisor

Santé publique
Long term
Fin du recrutement
Description du poste
Health Economist/ Health Specialist – Technical Advisor
Compétences requises
1. MD with a post graduate qualification in Public Health, MBA, or Health Economics.
2. At least 5 years of post-qualification experience in projects involving Public Health management.
3. Experience with innovative models in the health sector – e.g. contracting out, results based financing
4. At least 5 years’ experience in public health in developing countries
5.  Fluent in English
Durée de la mission et date de démarrage
Start : As soon as possible
End : 31/12/2018
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