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Consultancy Services for Monitoring and Implementation Group for The National Human Resource Development Plan (PNDRHS) - 2008-2015 in The Ministry of Health in Mozambique

Afrique Subsaharienne
Montant total du projet (EUR)
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Mois de travail
36 months
Date début
Date fin
Ceso International
Description du projet
The Ministry of Health (MISAU), with the support of external co-operation partners, has developed a plan which is wide-ranging and ambitious for human resource development in the health sector (National Health Human Resource Development Plan 2008-2015 - PNDRHS). The plan includes the national priorities identified in the National Health Policy and in the current Strategic Plan for the Health Sector, and will provide continuity to the previous human resource development plans of 1992-2002, 2001-2010 and 2006-2010.
To coordinate the implementation of the PNDRHS, a PNDRHS Monitoring and Implementation (MI-NPHHRD) group is set up. The group, which  consist of a team of four multi-disciplinary senior technical staff, works under the direct supervision of the National Director of Human Resources.
The objective of the technical assistance is to assist the Mozambican authorities with the coordination of the implementation of the PNDRHS.
Description des services rendus
• Design and execute a Communication Plan for the different PNDRHS audiences. This plan shall use various resources, such as newspaper, radio, television, brochures, and posters, as well as new Web-based technologies.
• Collaborate with the soon to be established Health Human Resources Observatory. The goal of the Health Human Resources Observatory is to promote and incentivize evidence-based Health Human Resources strategies and interventions and develop capacity to evaluate and monitor the Health Human Resources situation.
• Promote and validate planning exercises in several provincial settings, maintaining a macro view of the Mozambican reality.
• Establish agreements and partnerships with public services to ensure access to necessary and adequate resources for the implementation of PNDRHS activities.
• Create a technical assistance plan for the PNDRHS, allocating parts of the management of this plan to different stakeholders involved in its implementation.
• Create a Mozambican human resources for health Research Plan and follow up the implementation of the plan.
• Develop and implement monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for the PNDRHS.
• Formalize an incentive package to be allocated to the national and provincial decision-makers for achievement of the activities anticipated in the plan.