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Afrique Subsaharienne
Mois de travail
Date début
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Description du projet
The aim of the SCMA is to provide management support to CMS for receipts, storage, inventory management and distribution of health products:
1. Customs clearance and delivery of procured health products to CMS stores;
2. Safe and secure storage of pharmaceuticals under Good Storage Practice conditions in designated stores;
3. Inventory management and record-keeping of stocks and maintenance of logistics management information system;
4. Secure delivery of products to designated distribution points in the country; and
5. Facilitate the transitional process from CMS to the CMS Trust.

Logistics Expert

Médicament et politiques pharmaceutiques
Long term
Fin du recrutement
Description du poste
The technical work will be shared within a "Pharmacist + Logistician pair" as follows:

- All external CMS work, in particular the transportation to the health facilities and the LMIS aspects will be taken in charge by the Logistician within the pair.  This includes (not exhaustive):
o Safe and secure distribution system organisation and procedures, including all logistics aspects;
o Transportation logistics scheduling (from the CMS stores and the health facilities);
o Security organisation and procedures for storage and transportation of the products;
o Organisation and oversight of LMIS: Data collection from the field; conceiving and supervising the use of an adapted LMIS IT tool; Supervising data entry in the LMIS IT tool; Analysing LMIS data from the IT tool;
o Under the Team Leader coordination, participating to the quantification and forecasting of needs, according to the LMIS data and the CMS internal information (together with the pharmacist);
o Under the Team Leader coordination and leadership for this particular aspect, participating to the MIS strengthening at CMS (together with the Pharmacist).
Compétences requises
• Knowledge and multi-year experience in leading/organising storage, inventory management and distribution of health products in a developing country set up
• Experience in LMIS reporting and data analysis
• Desired experience in
- Software for drug management
- Cold Chain
- Security
- Expanded Program on Immunization (WHO)
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