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Support to the development of a cross-sectoral strategy to address malnutrition in children

Afrique Subsaharienne
Mois de travail
70 working days
Date début
Date fin
Description du projet
The specific objective of this assignment is to assist the Government of Lesotho to develop a cross-sectoral strategy to address and reduce malnutrition in children.
Description des services rendus
The expert will work closely with the Office of the National Authorising Officer and FNCO, and will ensure the involvement of all relevant stakeholders and actors, government and nongovernment, to:
· Conduct a review of ongoing initiatives in the area of malnutrition in children;
· Review the sources of data for monitoring malnutrition and make recommendations on harmonisation where relevant
· Develop a cross-sectoral strategy to address and reduce malnutrition in Lesotho,inclusive of
o specific attention to coordination issues between various actors and institutional arrangements
o confirmation of baseline
o setting of short - medium term targets and monitoring and evaluation arrangements
o identification of specific capacity building/reform initiatives required to strengthen the implementation of the strategy
o indicative cost implications of implementation of the strategy

Nutrition Specialist

Santé publique
Short term
Fin du recrutement
Compétences requises
Qualifications and skills:
A relevant post-graduate university qualification in nutrition related field or equivalent (equivalent to post-graduate qualification is an additional 5 years - thus a total of 15 years - experience working in nutrition related issues)
At least 10 years experience working in nutrition related issues, of which at least the last 5 years in developing countries
General Professional Experience:
Excellent communication and writing skills in English
Proficient knowledge of standard computer software (MS word, Excel and project management software) as well as computer literacy in respect of specialised software applicable to the required outputs of this assignment
Experience in skills transfer and institutional and capacity development will be an advantage
Monitoring and Evaluation skills is also an added advantage
Specific Professional Experience:
Very strong theoretical and practical knowledge of food and nutrition management and related institutional and procedural reforms
Specific experience in the SADC region - especially in Lesotho - in a field relevant to this assignment will be an advantage.
Durée de la mission et date de démarrage
70 working days delivered over 2 missions between Mid August and Mid December
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