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Disbursement of variable tranche: analysis of data quality, statistical audit, administrative data control survey

Afrique Subsaharienne
Burkina Faso
Montant total du projet (EUR)
44.201 €
Source du financement
European Commission
Date début
Date fin
Description du projet
The mission consisted in providing expertise to the EC delegation in Burkina for the evaluation of the EC Poverty Reduction Budget Support Program.
In the field of macro-economics, budget support and social sectors, the mission consisted in
• An analysis of the commitments taken by the government in the framework of the Program. An evaluation of their relation and coherence with the poverty reduction strategy paper (CSLP).
• For the disbursement of the "Variable Tranche", an analysis and evaluation of the targets set by the government in Health, Education and Public Finance Management.
• An analysis and evaluation of the reliability and quality of data and statistics provided by the Government.  
• An analysis of the indicators and targets set by the government for the future. Analysis of the consistency between Program indicators and the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP); evaluate the specificity, measurability and reliability of the indicators.
Description des services rendus
- One senior Economist specialized in macro economics, public finance management and social sectors information systems (health and education). Experience in budget support, poverty reduction strategies and statistical systems.  
- One senior Economist. Experience in statistics, evaluation system, budget support and poverty reduction strategies.