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Technical Assistance For The Monitoring Of The Supporting Public Health Institutes Programme Financed Under The Dci-Sante (Thematic Investing In People Programme)

Mois de travail
Date début
Description du projet
The EU commitment to health in its development policy is outlined in the "EU Role in Global Health Communication (2010) that defines areas of support, such as better sector governance, universal coverage by quality health services, increased policy coherence across sectors influencing health, and knowledge generation for evidence-based decisions.
The thematic programme 'Investing in People' pursues a broad approach to development and poverty reduction, with the general aim of improving human and social development levels in partner countries in accordance with the United Nations Millennium Declaration and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It is based on Article 12 of the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI), a supplementary instrument to the EU support channelled through country programmes, and is detailed in the Strategy Paper for the Thematic Programme 2007-2013. Under the theme "Good health for all", it addresses three key health areas: 1) strengthening health systems, improving health services and supporting capacity of partner countries to confront health challenges, 2) confronting main communicable diseases and 3) implementing the Cairo Agenda on sexual and reproductive health.
The Mid-Term review of the Strategy Paper  prescribes two basic principles for the programme in 2011-2013 at global and/or regional levels: promoting policy dialogue, knowledge generation and innovation, and the EU taking a role in shaping global initiatives and stimulating effective leverage of resources mobilized at global level for additional support to bi-lateral programmes.
The Call for Proposals "Supporting public health institutes" is funded under the "Investing in People" thematic programme and follows the principles set in the programme and in the "Mid-Term review of the strategy paper.
The Mid-Term review of the Strategy Paper had identified the lack of public health technical capacity as one of the contributing factors to the slow progress towards MDGs in a large number of developing countries. It further suggested initiating a "Public Health Institute Initiative" designed to strengthen the capacity of key policy institutions in developing countries, linked to a network, to provide policy advice, technical assistance and other support to national ministries of health in designing and monitoring the implementation of national health policies and their financing". Such public health institutes also will have the potential to provide an in-country "think tank" function, and to attract back professionals (diaspora) from the region.
The objective of the Call for Proposals "Supporting public health institutes" (SHIP) is to support the existence of stable public health institutes as a key component of the development and strengthening of coherent and efficient health systems; it aims at reinvigorating and developing institutes most often lacking sufficient resources to fulfil a significant role in the health sector.
Under the 2013 Annual Working Plan, the Call for Proposals entitled "Supporting public health institutes" for a total amount of €23 million was launched on 23rd December 2013.
It is acknowledged that public health institutes in developing countries need to be supported in the long-run; a second phase is anticipated for most promising interventions, possibly on a regional or sub-regional basis.
Description des services rendus
The object of the present assignment is to define the tasks of the Technical Assistance which will support the European Commission in:
• monitoring and following-up in-country and at regional level the projects that will be awarded a grant under the Call for Proposals "Supporting public health institutes" programme (SPHIP);
• the contribution to strategic planning, definition and preparation of a possible second phase.
The overall objective of the present assignment is to ensure comprehensive and continuous monitoring of the 8 to 15 projects implemented under the Call for Proposals "Supporting public health institutes", and to advise the managers of the contracting authority (Commission services in EU Delegations and at HQ), with a view to increase the global coherence, the efficiency and the visibility of the projects, and to perform strategic planning during the project duration into a possible second phase.  
The purpose of this contract is to assist the European Commission (relevant Units and Delegations) in:
- the monitoring of the SPHIP financed under the DCI, thematic "Investing in People", Annual Work Plan 2013 (Call for proposals), assuring the measurement and follow up of the performance of the projects and the achievements of the objectives, at national and regional levels;
- the strategic planning, definition and preparation of a possible second phase.
** Location **
The Consultant will work from its own location (the consultant´s office) and will have regular meetings through the year with the Unit in charge at the EC in Brussels, as well as visits to countries for seminars or project monitoring.
** Indicative Starting date & Period of implementation of tasks **
It is important to note that all dates specified in this section are indicative and may be subject to change.
The indicative commencement date is the 1st December 2014 and the period of implementation of the contract will be 60 months from this date.

Team Leader, Senior public health professional

Santé publique
Long term
Fin du recrutement
Compétences requises
Qualifications and skills
• Master in Public Health degree
• A PhD degree in medical sciences, health, public health or a related subject is considered as an asset.
• Good communication skills.
• Experience in academic teaching and research in the field of public health,
• Experience in translating public health science into policy and action,
• Experience in the management of a public health institute or a comparable institution is considered as an asset
General professional experience
• At least 12 years working experience in the academia, policy advice, institutional management and in development projects/programmes preparation, implementation or monitoring.
Specific professional experience
• A minimum working experience in the health or public health sector in developing countries of at least 5 years.
• Experience in the preparation/implementation/evaluation of public health institutes projects in developing countries.
• Experience of projects/programmes in teaching and research, as well as contribution to policy making.
• Knowledge about governance and regulation of the health sector in developing countries
• Proven experience as team leader in a project or an institution, with proven experience in the monitoring or evaluation of projects.
• A good working knowledge of English and French is essential (full proficiency for both languages; C1 level).
• Knowledge of other languages of the CfP is desirable (PT or ES).
• Language skills and communication skills may be verified during the evaluation process.

Working language for emailing and exchanges with the Programme manager in EC/HQ can be EN or FR.
The Team Leader must be able to work (speak, read and write) in EN and FR. Knowledge of other languages (PT and ES) will be useful for follow up of specific projects in countries of the action.
Durée de la mission et date de démarrage
Estimated number of working days for the TL is 550 since the starting date of the contract, on a part/half-time but regular basis, with periods of inactivity not exceeding 2 weeks.
The TL will report to the Unit in charge at EC/HQ in Brussels on a periodic manner and will have ad hoc meetings in Brussels periodically (each 6 months approximately) to coordinate with the Unit.
He/She will act as a single contact point during the entire contract.
Fees will be paid based on the number of working days actually worked, according to the above-mentioned estimation.
C.V. modèle
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Interested candidates shall send their CV (no cover letter required) to: Francesca Toniolo. by September, 3 at the latest. Candidates are kindly requested to mention the title of the project "MULTI EC Monitoring Supporting Health Institutes Programme" in the object of their email.
CVs must be submitted using the model attached. CVs sent in other formats will not be considered. CVs must be focussed on the aspects that are requested by the Terms of Reference, and must include the candidate's contact details, as well as the contact details of the reference persons.