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Supporting the preparation of a successor programme to the ongoing Health Nutrition, and Population Sector Programme (HNPSP)

Asie + océanie
Montant total du projet (EUR)
168.198 €
Source du financement
European Commission
Date début
In preparation
Date fin
In preparation
Description du projet
Global objective of the mission:
- To support the development of a concept for the next health sector programme in Bangladesh, with a focus on the areas of public, private partnership, human resource management and health financing.

Specific objective(s)
- To participate to missions for the preparation of the HNPSP successor programme.
- To carry out the analytical work required and to document the findings according to the requirements, defined by the EC Delegation and the respective mission team leader.

Requested services
1. The contractor is carrying carrying two expert missions during the years 2009 to 2011. The advisory work is to respond to the information needs arising from the ongoing work on health financing and particularly to the results of the established task force.

2. Role of the missions' team members:
2.1. To work as team members of larger expert teams in the context of joint donor missions
2.2. To review the relevant information from all accessible sources
2.3. To discuss with relevant stakeholders in Bangladesh and - if requested - in the region.
2.4. To Visit project sites of relevant pilot projects
2.5. To organise workshops / meetings with stakeholders and communities.
To Present their findings, views and recommendations in adequate format to Government, implementing agencies, and other relevant stakeholders. The dissemination process includes workshops, various types of documents and / or other media.
To support the Delegation and the implementing agencies in disseminating the findings of the missions.
To support the implementing agencies and the EC in developing / adapting the strategies of planned or ongoing pilot projects.

Required outputs:
1. Mission reports
2. Presentations in other media
Minutes and proceedings of workshops
The presentations are made available in English and Bengali.
Description des services rendus
3 experts provided for an amount of 124 M/Days worked.

1 Senior Team Leader, Health Economist (Over 15 Years exp)
1 Senior Public health expert (Over 15 Years exp)
1 Social science expert (Over 10 Years exp)