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Support to the Public Nutrition Department of the Ministry of Public Health

Asie + océanie
Source du financement
Commission Européenne

Public Health and nutrition expert

Santé publique
Long term
Fin du recrutement
Description du poste
Assist the MoPH in the attainment of ANDS-HNSS objectives by supporting the PND to play its stewardship role in coordination and supervision of the implementation of nutrition activities.
The objectives of the consultancy and its expected results are:
1. To support and facilitate the capacity building process of the PND at its central and provincial level.
2. To support the implementation of standard operating procedures in order to strengthen the department stewardship role vis-à-vis to the Provincial Public Health Offices.
3. To support the planning for human resources at short, medium and long term.
4. To support the planning for the autonomy of the unit itself in order to become less dependant from external support.
Compétences requises
MC = Minimum Criterion
D  = Desirable

- Qualifications and skills:

MC Masters degree in Public Health with focus on nutrition or master degree in Nutrition or other related relevant field to the ToR.
D Degree in medicine
MC Fluency in English
D Knowledge of Local Languages
D Strong analytical and drafting skills
D Proven ability to develop and maintain good professional relations with stakeholders, particularly counterparts and staff members
MC Working experience in a post-conflict country.
D Initiative and proven ability to work with little supervision
MC Proven capacity to supervise, train and coach

- General professional experience:

MC At least seven years experience in planning and implementing nutrition intervention at least at provincial scale
MC At least 5 years of experience of institutional development, preferably in the context of post-conflict, weak or failing states
MC At least 10 years of working experience with donors, non-governmental organizations, Ministry, civil society, Academia [the total will be considered]
D At least 3 years of experience in the health sector in Afghanistan
D At least 3 years of experience in the nutrition sector in Afghanistan

- Specific professional experience:  

MC At least 3 years of working experience at policy level in the nutrition subsector
D Working experience as Technical Assistance at Ministry level

- Working language(s):

Working langue will be English.
Dari and Pashto are widely used at MoPH level.
Durée de la mission et date de démarrage
Estimated input days: at least 140 days
Commencement date: May 2010
Maximum duration 8-12 months
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