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Identification mission: inclusion of the pharmaceutical sector among the EC activities in the frame of the support to Afghan Public Health Sector.

Asie + océanie
Montant total du projet (EUR)
69.666 €
Source du financement
European Commission
Date début
Date fin
Description du projet
Global objective of the mission
To identify key areas of intervention for the EC in the pharmaceutical sector

Specific objective of the mission
- To analyze the pharmaceutical sector in Afghanistan
- To draft scenarios of intervention for the EC in Afghanistan
- To (roughly) cost the possible lines of intervention of the EC in Afghanistan
- To contribute to the formulation of internal documents (Identification and Action Fiche and Technical and Administrative Provisions, TAPs) for the inclusion of the pharmaceutical sector in future EC interventions in Afghanistan

Requested services
The assignment methodology compounded a series of meeting with key stakeholders in health, with a special focus on drugs.

Required outputs
- Technical document of at least 15 pages + annexes including as much information as possible, analyzed, put in perspective and with possible scenarios, given the new items it is supposed to form for future EC policy in Afghanistan.
- Minutes of meetings outlining by bullet points the main issues at stake (open questions, lines of discussions and conclusions, people met...) considered during the mission by the consultants with the Commission and all stakeholders met.
Description des services rendus
­- Team leader for the mission.
­- Expert in public health and in pharmaceutical sciences.
­- Public Health/Pharmacy expert.