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Entities responsible of personal data management:

AEDES Scrl (European Agency for Development and Health), rue Joseph II, 34, at 1000 Brussels, BCE: 0450,913,705,

AEDES ASBL (European Association for the development of Health), rue Joseph II, 34, at 1000 Brussels, BCE: 0430,263,294,

AEDES Foundation for Health Development, rue Joseph II, 34, at 1000 Brussels, BCE: 0465,568,029,

GEMELLI SA, rue Joseph II, 34, at 1000 Brussels, BCE: 0460,131,376,



There-After called together " AEDES Or We ».

Contact address:


The AEDES group is constituted by several legal structures aiming to contribute to the improvement of quality and access to health care around the world. In this perspective AEDES is committed to respect the privacy of the people with whom it is brought to collaborate in the context of its tenders and projects. Aedes Makes every effort to protect the confidentiality of personal data collected (Hereafter, the " Data ») and to respect both the national legislation on data collection and processing and the European Regulation No. 2016/679, the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter: GDPR).

The current policy (Hereafter, the " Privacy Policy ») explains the AEDES practices in relation with the collection of personal information consecutive to the simple consultation of the website (Hereafter, " The Site »), or that is part of the relations between Aedes with its clients, Its business partners or with the experts to whom it is likely to appeal for occasional work collaboration.

When you access and/or Use the Site, you expressly authorize AEDES to process and manage the Data In accordance with the Belgian legislation on private life and data protection and within the limits defined by the European Privacy Policy.


Data collected:

The Data collected by AEDES relating to private life and data protection differ, depending on the type of persons concerned, as classified below:

  • Simple users who navigate the Site without voluntarily communicating data (hereafter called the « User »);


  • The contact People of AEDES’ clients or AEDES’ potential clients: Projects funders, International Institutions, Ministries, private companies, … (hereinafter the « Clients’ Contacts »);


  • Contact people from AEDES business partners: Universities, Institutes of Public Health, health care institutes, NGOs, civil society, etc... (hereinafter, ThePartners’ Contacts »);


  • The experts and applicant experts to whom AEDES is likely to Entrust occasional missions in the form of service contracts: medical doctors, public health experts, health economists, pharmacists, etc... (There-After, the " Experts»).


The Data collected by AEDES are the following:


  • The information collected automatically during each access to the Site by any user;


  • For the clients’ Contacts and Partners’ Contacts: The Name, first name, mailing address, email address and phone number;


  • For the expert: The Name, first name, date and place of birth, nationality, marital status, postal and tax address, email, telephone number, CV, copy of diplomas, Bank coordinates, VAT No., history of contracts and remuneration Experts.




AEDES does not use cookies on its website.


Which Legal basis do we use to deal with your data?


AEDES Treats User Data on the basis of its legitimate interest for the proper functioning of its activity and its Site.


AEDES processes data from partners’ Contacts, Clients’ Contacts and Experts on the basis of its legitimate interest but also that of the Interested parties and necessary to establish a possible collaboration and in the context of the contract’s execution.

Objectives of the data collection

Personal DATA are collected and processed by AEDES for the following purposes:


  • The provision of the services offered by AEDES, including the internet services;
  • To optimise your searches when you are on our Site;
  • To structure the Information on Clients’ Contacts In relation with the Services offered by AEDES, including the prospecting of new clients and customers;
  • To structure the Information from partners’ Contacts and Experts on issues directly related to consultancies and collaboration on tenders
  • The implementation of joint projects with partners’ Contacts;
  • Establishment of a reserve of Experts recruitment and of a roster;
  • The execution of contracts with clients’ contacts, partners' contacts and Experts.



Data transfer Out of the AEDES group


The data collected and processed by the various entities of the Aedes group may circulate within the Aedes group, each entity remaining co-responsible for the treatment.


The data can be transferred to the Oeconomia Expertise Sarl, a Subsidiary of AEDES Scrl in Senegal; This transfer is made under the appropriate safeguards by the adoption of data protection mechanisms adopted by the European Commission In accordance with the requirements of section 46 of the GDPR.


Third party companies are also involved to manipulate some DATA when necessary for the Good execution of the technical services contracted to/by AEDES. These manipulations are always carried out, In the name and on behalf of AEDES which assumes full responsibility, on the basis of written contracts ensuring the security of your data. Thus, AEDES can transfer your data when it is necessary to:


  • An external computer company to manage the operation and update of the Site ;
  • An accounting or External consultancy services company.


AEDES may also be required to transfer expert data to its partners and customers in the context of the preparation of a tender and/or the execution of a contract. In such cases, AEDES undertakes not to disclose data on Personal Coordinates, Bank Address, phone number, VAT N ° and remunerations of the expert (except after explicit agreement of the expert).


For other occasions, AEDES is committed not to disclose your DATA or to transfer them to third parties except if this transfer is required by a competent, judicial or administrative authority. 


Your Rights: Access to the collected information, rectification, deletion.


You can at any time and at no cost request a copy of your personal information that we store in our databases. In this context we can ask you a proof of identification before to access your request.  You also have the right to ask to amend your data or to remove them from our files at the condition that this amendment or deletion does not make it impossible to Aedes to perform its services.


You can in any case at any time oppose the treatment of your Personal data by AEDES or ask for the limitation of this treatment. When your data is processed as part of a contract, you can also request that it is sent to you in a readable format.


Securing information and network.


AEDES Makes every effort to protect its network in an optimal way against unauthorized access and to ensure the confidentiality of your data. The data is stored on a secure server accessible only on the basis of a password guaranteeing a high level of security.

Responsibility of the people concerned

You are solely responsible for any information that you disclose yourself to AEDES. AEDES Declines all responsibility in the event of Damage due to communication by the person concerned of erroneous information, Incomplete or fraudulent.

Stay informed of changes

AEDES May change this Privacy policy, especially in the case of laws changes. We invite you to consult Regularly our policy at In addition, we inform you of any Content modifications via our Site and other frequent communication channels. 

Contact Us


If you want to Exercise one of the rights listed above, to report a problem encountered on our applications, if you need specific assistance or If you want to send a comment, please contact us by any of the means listed below:


·         By Email:

·         By Surface Mail: Rue Joseph II, 34, at 1000 Brussels Belgium

·         by phone:   + 32 (0)2 219 03 06


Feel free to contact us if Consider that we are not treating your data with the care you expect. You can also take direct contact and file complaint at the Data protection authority:

  • Rue de la Presse, 35, 1000 Brussels
  • +32 (0)2 274 48 00