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The AEDES network

Universities and Public Health Institutes

AEDES regularly collaborates with a network of universities and European Public Health Institutes, among which:

Public Health Institutes

In the framework of its actual projects, AEDES collaborates with teh following institutions :


AEDES collaborates with several international NGOs operating in the health sector:

  • and others...

Civil Société and local NGOs

AEDES collaborates also with civil society representations and with local NGOs such as:

  • And other organisations active against the HIV/AIDS in Burundi, Guinée or Haïti
  • SOE en Haïti

Health care institutions and medical centres

AEDES collaborates with health care institutions in Europe of which the network of medical centres in Belgium [] and some hospitals.

Strategic thinking

AEDES is a member of and is involved in the strategic thinking of Belgian partners about the policy and cooperation on health.