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AEDES code of business ethics

AEDES is keen to promote the principles of sustainable development in its three dimensions: economical, social and environmental. From an economic standpoint, AEDES is seeking economically viable solutions by focusing on cost-effective outcome. Profitability is viewed as a necessary requirement to finance the human development and not as an end to make corporate profit alone.

From a social standpoint, AEDES conducts its affairs with honesty and integrity, while respecting the interests of all those with whom it has relations. AEDES forbids any act of corruption in order to promote its business or to obtain financial benefits. AEDES also refuses to engage in activities that may lead to conflicts of interest. AEDES expects from all its employees or partners to commit to respect these rules.
AEDES considers that its own development needs to integrate the quest for a better quality of life for the different communities benefiting of its services, its employees and its customers.

AEDES advocates the use of best environmental practices and seeks to ensure high standards for surveillance and mitigation measures of the environmental impact of its own operations and of the projects it supports.

Professional Commitment:

AEDES considers business ethics as a fundamental element of professional practice. For AEDES to act ethically means at least to operate according to the letter and spirit of applicable laws in the countries where it works.

AEDES policy requires from its directors, collaborators, employees and representatives to adopt a professional conduct characterised by honesty, integrity and fairness.

AEDES means that communications and relationships with all parties concerned are characterised by sincerity and transparency. The working relationships are based on frankness and openness, treating each others with fairness and respect.

AEDES respects the right to protection and security of the information it holds. AEDES protects the confidential information and uses this information only for its own professional activities and in compliance with the expectations of the owners.

AEDES is committed to provide services that meet the highest professional standards characterised by:

  • Independence of mind;
  • Probity and sense of humanity;
  • Lack of bias based on gender, race, politics, social class and religion;
  • High professional skill level;
  • Careful attention and Listening to the clients' needs;
  • Proposal of appropriate response;
  • A Quality Assurance and a guarantee of proper execution.