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Who are we?

AEDES, the European Agency for Development and Health, is a private consulting company specialised in public health. AEDES area of expertise covers all sectors of health, which AEDES contributed modelling through various projects implemented since the 80s.

Created in 1985, AEDES has become the leader of a group of organisations comprising a non-profit Association, a Foundation [], recognised as a public utility charity in Belgium, a limited company GEMELLI [] specialised in hospital management in Europe and a consultancy firm, Oeconomia Expertise, specialized in health economics ( based in Dakar.
Oeconomia Expertise is affiliated to AEDES and was established in 2018 by three associates and the AEDES group. The setup of the consultancy firm results from a shared vision and commitment to develop a centre of excellence in health economics and financing in developing countries.

AEDES has thus become a major actor in the field of public health, in Europe as well as in low and medium income countries.


AEDES mission is to contribute to improve the quality and access to health care around the world. For this purpose, AEDES promotes the share and transfer of knowledge, by providing experienced human resources and performing consulting and management services in the area of health and food security.

AEDES operates in industrialised, developing and intermediate countries, for private and public organisations. AEDES seeks to promote the principles of sustainable development in its three dimensions: economic, social and environmental.