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Warehouse Infrastructure Assessments in Cameroon

AEDES was hired by the Global Fund to assess the warehouse infrastructure of the main public pharmaceutical storage structures in Cameroon: the premises of the CENAME and 3 regional stores were audited, with a particular attention on fire safety and stock global organisation and keeping and to provide recommendations to mitigate and control those risks.

Warehouses are exposed to a number of vulnerabilities that may affect its operation or the fulfillment of its objectives. Identification, analysis and evaluation of these threats and vulnerabilities are the principal way to understand and measure the impact of the risk involved and to decide on the appropriate measures and controls to manage them.

These risks have an impact on insurance costs if these risks are not properly mitigated. Compliance with norms on fire safety, warehouse global security, stock organization and keeping would have a positive impact on insurance policy, on budget and medicines availability.

This assessment completes a previous similar fire safety assessment of 7 national pharmaceutical stores members of the ACAME (CAMEG Burkina Faso, CAMEG Togo, CAME Benin, ONPPC Niger, PNA Senegal, PCG Guinea, CPA Chad), which was also conducted by AEDES (June to October 2018), funded by the 5% Initiative.