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Presentation of Mali PADSS II Mopti Program

In Mali, AEDES, in collaboration with Santé-Sud, provides technical assistance to the Health and Social Development Support Program in the Mopti Region Phase 2 (PADSS-Mopti 2).

The AEDES-Santé-Sud Technical Assistance started on the 26th of September 2017 with the arrival of the project manager and the expert in charge of Mopti.

The purpose of PADSS II is to improve maternal and child health and family planning services in the Mopti region through multifaceted and multi-level supports:

  • Institutional support: Strengthening the governance, leadership and regulatory capacities of the three ministries concerned and their decentralized structures, the regional directorates. Leadership should be fully ensured by the Ministry of Health and its decentralized structures at the regional and health districts level.
  • Support at the operational level of the health care offer: Strengthening the quality and accessibility to the Community Health Centers, Reference Health Centers and the regional hospital in the Mopti region.
  • Support for the implementation of the financing policy.

Tangible results are expected from the technical assistant.

  • At the central level, we will mainly support the coordination and management of the program and support CRM reforms. We also expect to capitalize the experience gained in Mopti while supporting the central level in its strategic thinking on the different areas covered by the project: health financing, quality of care, accreditation, planning, health information, etc.
  • At the regional level, the aim is to reinforce the health steering capacity of the region by the Regional Health Directorate (RHD) and the district management teams (DMT), to follow the deployment of health mutual and to accompany the consideration of gender.