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AEDES research in RBF

AEDES is taking part in the research project on the transformation of the Result Based Financing (RBF) initiatives, from the stage of pilot projects to their full integration into the national healthcare systems.

AEDES provides support to a multi-country research project entitled "implementation in health research: the transformation of the FBR initiatives from the stage of pilot projects to their integration in the national health systems". This study is coordinated by the World Health Organization and its alliance for health policy and systems research with the academic support of the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) from Antwerp (Belgium). The research provides analysis on the scaling up of the FBR process according to various parameters, in order to learn about the factors that can influence such processes. The research is conducted in Armenia, in Burundi, in Cambodia, in Cameroon, to the Kenya, in Macedonia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Chad and Uganda.

AEDES is committed to the support and coordination of the research at the level of each country and is associated with the IMT for the preparation of policy briefs and media at the end of the project. AEDES brings its experience in the field of the RBF as well as its analysis and its ability to synthesize the research learnings.