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Assessment of the national capacity of biology laboratories and development of a strategy to scale up the capacity of HIV laboratories in Guinea

AEDES contributes to the realization of an audit mission of the HIV laboratories in Guinea Conakry by providing an international expert specialized in management of biology laboratories, in tandem with a national expert.

The goal of the mission is to assess the capacity of the national network of biology laboratories offering follow-up of HIV patients, to update the needs and formulate a national strategy for scaling up and reinforcing these laboratories’ capacity. WHO jointly leads a similar mission for the TB laboratory network.

These missions will allow optimizing the impact of investments (± 10 M$) made by the Global Fund to strengthen the national network of laboratories, included in the grant to Guinea for the period October 2015 to December 2017 under the strategy of strengthening the fight against HIV and tuberculosis. These investments are a response to the weakness of the health system in Guinea, and in particular of the biology laboratories network, reported by all stakeholders as a result of the epidemic of Ebola fever.