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FWC LOT 8 - Health (EU): the consortium Aedes is distinguished!

In consortium with Acodess, CESO, Hera, GFA, Indevelop, NEDICO, OPM Quality Institute; Aedes achieved the best score in the evaluation of tenders for the health framework contract of the European Union.

The framework contract lot 8 is the instrument of the European Commission allowing to quickly providing the countries benefiting from EU external Aid with the short term technical assistance needed in the health sector.
The scope of the services to be provided within this Health framework contract is comprehensive and is categorised in 15 technical sectors in health, across all project cycle stages and for all beneficiary countries.
The expectations of the Commission in term of service quality are understandably high, the nature of the requests for services are indeed worthwhile to contract specialised consultancies that can provide high quality services and guarantee there is value for money.