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General Introduction to Theme Days


  • Daniel VANDENBERGH: pharmacist, manager for the pharmaceutical sector at AEDES, long-standing and wide ranging experience in technical assistance, long- and short-term, in global medicines management, in particular in MEG procurement systems, in management of purchasing authorities and in drawing up pharmaceutical policies.
  • Sandrine CLOËZ: pharmacist, AEDES consultant, experience in the field of medical supply circuit management, particularly in the field of medicines quality control, in addition member of the QUAMED network management team.


This general introduction presents a summary of the thinking carried out in AEDES in preparation for the Medicines Theme Days.

  • The various stages of what one might describe as the "medicines circuit"

For each stage of the circuit:

  • The main activities
  • The main actors involved
  • Support experiences with greatest impact.
  • The partners / donors involved.
  • The main problems.