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Axis 3: Group discussions and plenary session

This chapter presents the key items emerging from the working group discussions and the plenary session.
They are classified by day and particular subject (by working group):

  • For each day, we have first recorded the questions which were posed for further thought.
  • For each subject (working group), we present, in the form of a slide show: (i) The key ideas exchanged in the group, as reported to the plenary session, (ii) A summary of the discussion and the most significant commentaries emerging from the final debate in plenary session.

Questions for further reflection

What possible action can be undertaken to reinforce regulation in the pharmaceutical sector?

  • What are the challenges and priority sites at the level of the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authorities?
  • What are the priorities in terms of harmonising policies / regulations / tools at the sub regional level?
  • What is the goal of a system for pharmacovigilance in low and middle income countries ?