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Axis 2 / Introduction: The Supply Chain (Purchasing and distribution)


Sandrine CLOËZ, pharmacist, AEDES consultant, works in an AEDES team with Daniel VANDENBERGH (manager of the pharmaceutical division in AEDES); experience in the field of medical supply circuit management, particularly in the field of medicines quality control, in addition member of the QUAMED network management team.


There are overall developments in the framework of medicines supply in African countries: changes in the legal status of national procurement structures, increasing autonomy of management at the technical and financial level in the public sector, etc.
Changes are also taking place in the pharmaceutical market in Africa as a consequence of marginalisation of the public sector (in relation to other sectors) and a general retreat in regulation of the pharmaceutical sector.
In the public sector, recent changes in the sector characterised by an anarchic multiplication of procurement circuits, with consequent growing complexity in the market and a loss of effectiveness in public procurement circuits.
There is also a very marked separation between the public and private sectors, with the private sector orientating itself more and more towards MEGs.
There have also been significant changes to mechanisms for financing medicines, which involves changes to MEG supply mechanisms to public health organisations.