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Axis 1: Group discussions and plenary session

This chapter presents the key items emerging from the working group discussions and the plenary session.
They are classified by day and particular subject (by working group):

  • For each day, we have first recorded the questions which were posed for further thought.
  • For each subject (working group), we present, in the form of a slide show: (i) The key ideas exchanged in the group, as reported to the plenary session, (ii) A summary of the discussion and the most significant commentaries emerging from the final debate in plenary session.

Questions for further reflection

What potential initiatives can be realistically taken to improve the quality of production and knowledge / supervision of the market:

1. At the level of production
  • Interest of GMP audits of local manufacturers for purchase in the country of production?
  • Interest of GMP audits of international manufacturers, methods of application?
  • How to monitor and provide support for local producers?
  • Extension of « artemisinin/ACT/market intelligence » to other types of products?
2. At the level of evaluation mechanisms of sources of procurement
  • What quality approach and what assessment methodology, what conditions of application?
  • Required skills: how can they be guaranteed and set up at the level of purchasing organisations?
  • Interest of pooling information and procedures? At what level (region, types of organization...)?
3. At the level of international or national Institutions (including political initiatives):
  • « Access to Medicines Index »: what quality criteria should be taken into account in the « Access To Medicines » ?
  • How can the application of donor quality assurance policies be extended to cover (non ATM) non-strategic molecules?
  • In practice, what resources are necessary for applying a quality assurance policy?