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Technical Assistance for Health Sector Capacity Support Project.

New project in Vietnam for the European Union : Technical Assistance for Health Sector Capacity Support Project.
Consortium : GFA Consulting Group, AEDES and T&C Consulting

Vietnam has been one of the best performing economies in the world over the last decade. Real GDP has on average grown by 7.3 percent per year during 1995-2005 and per capita income by 6.2 percent per year. The share of agriculture in GDP has declined from 27 percent to 21 percent, while that of industry has risen from 29 percent to 41 percent. In June 2006, The National Assembly approved the 2006-2010 Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP). The SEDP aims at rapid development, carefully balanced between its four pillars of economics, social, environmental development and improved governance and institutions. Having conducted the mid-term review of the SEDP 2006-2010, the Government of Vietnam officially launched in 2009 the drafting of the new SEDP 2011-2020.

EC's Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Vietnam 2007-13 and the Multi-Annual Indicative Programme (MIP) 2007-2010 are fully aligned with the SEDP. They identify health as one of the two focal sectors for EC cooperation, with a tentative allocation of 40% of the total budget, i.e. €64 million, "preferably through pooled funding or budget support". As stated in the CSP, although Vietnam's vital health indicators are comparable to those of middle income countries, it still faces important internal disparities and challenges, and new ones emerging with Vietnam's rapid economic development.  

The Overall Objective of the Health Sector Capacity Support Project, for which this Technical Assistance (TA) is an integral part, is: "improved health status of the people in Vietnam, in particular those who are poor and near-poor, as a contribution to poverty reduction and attainment of health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDG)."

The Specific Objectives of the HSCSP are to "strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Health, provincial Department of Health and key sector stakeholders in health in the following four result areas:
1. sector policy (including health financing) formulation, planning and budgeting;
2. management (including public finance management) and regulation;
3. coordination between the MoH and other important Government's Agencies (e.g. MoF, MPI, and Vietnam Social Security (VSS)), also between the MoH and its provincial and district administrations on the one side and international partner organizations and donors on the other; and
4. delivery of quality health services with the main focus on primary health care and preventive medicine".

The HSCSP targets the improvement of health management and regulation at central and provincial levels, assists the roll-out of public finance management reforms in the health sector, steps up health financing reforms, improve medical practices as well as the quality of essential health services for all, in particular the poor and other vulnerable groups. The project also responds to an integrated approach for primary health care as strongly promoted by the World Health Organization and international health community.

The Consortium Group has mobilised 5 experts for the implementation of the project: one Senior Public Health Expert, one Senior Public Finance Management Expert and three additional Vietnamese experts with excellent public health experience in Vietnam.