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Haïti-Health: Launch of a project to consolidate the Haïtian Health System

Source: ALTERPRESS - 06/04/2011: Réseau alternatif haitien d'information du Groupe Médialternatif


The Department of Public Health and Population (MSPP) has launched this April 6 the project "Partnership for development of health departments."

This project was initiated in partnership with the European Agency for Development and Health (AEDES) and under the auspices of UNICEF, said the director general of the Ministry of Health, Gabriel Thimotée at the launch conference.

The representative of UNICEF, Francoise Gruloos-Ackermans and coordinator of the AEDES Greindl Isabelle also took part in this conference.

" Partnership for development of health departments " should take 5 years and will require funding of $ 5 million, says Dr. Thimotée.

This is a project to improve the health system, promote rapid access of population to health care and improve the management of resources in the departments of Sud, Grand Anse and Nord-Ouest Haiti.

These three departments were primarily selected based on their deficits or needs, and their capacity for innovation.

According to Isaline Greindl of AEDES, "a synergy between all actors" involved, including the Ministry of Health, is the key to enable this project come to fruition.

Dr. Thimotée also feels that better coordination of actions within the partnership will give people "the chance to have better access to health," one of the objectives pursued under this initiative.

"This project aims to strengthen the system. The building will be done by increasing the leadership of the department so it can coordinate with its partners on the ground, "explains Gabriel Thimotée.

The project which is part of the country's reconstruction after the earthquake last year, will also enable "the establishment at the departmental level of a health technical support consisting of technical assistants who arrive from Africa with expertise in building health systems"informs the director of the Ministry of Health.

For its part, the representative of UNICEF, Francoise Gruloos-Ackermans said that this approach will help the three directorates of Nord-Ouest, South and Grand Anse to "have a greater ability to control the system primary health care so that care and quality services are available. "

In Haiti, 1 in 3 children suffer from malnutrition and "1,720 women die every year by giving birth," says Ackermans.

Officials expect the project would result in a health development plan developed in the three selected departments and the relevant health departments should be strengthened.

Eventually, a move towards social protection is also expected.