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In Benin, Chad and Cameroon, AEDES confirms its expertise in PBF: Performance Based Financing

AEDES will be the executing agency of the World Bank PBF programs in Benin, Chad and Cameroon.

In Benin


Since 2007, Benin is implementing a pilot project, "performance contracts" in three health areas. The mechanism is now under review, with the World Bank technical and financial support. It is now planned to extend this system (performance-based financing) in 8 health areas in Benin.
Specifically, AEDES must provide two services:

  • technical assisatnce in PBF ;
  • PBF external results control.


  • to debate on reforming the financing sector;
  • to develop strong local expertise in PBF in order to operate a possible extension;
  • to boost sectoral reforms going toward higher performance health system;
  • to help to improve scientific knowledge on the PBF and health systems organization.

In Chad


  • to reinforce the delivery of the minimum package of activities (MPA) at a sustainable cost for a possible extension;
  • to increase both the quantity of high clinical services impact and the proportion of population covered by preventive care and promotion of acceptable cost-effectiveness;
  • to improve the quality of health care services offered in primary health care, and reach the poorest members of communities with health care workforce and increase equity in access and utilization of both curative and preventive services .

In Cameroon

With the World Bank, the Health Ministry agreed to develop the funding strategy based on results through the PAISS project.
This performance-based financing project, implemented by AEDES, greatly improves staff performance and increase access and quality of health services.
It increases the responsibility and accountability of providers towards their patients.
It allows to implement reforms that give the authority and flexibility to the staff of the operational level, while strengthening problem solving by stakeholders themselves.