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Support to the MOH General Directorate for Health Care services Provision in Afghanistan

AEDES is starting a support to the General Directorate for Health Care services Provision in Afghanistan

Starting March 2010

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This 2 year project is funded by EC to support the decentralisation process with a clear stewardship line including the central level and the provincial level.

In Afghanistan, the Ministry of Public Health has made the choice of an innovative approach to rebuilding the health system: "While policy making, regulating and coordinating the sector has remained a central Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) function, health service delivery has to a large degree been subcontracted to Non Governmental Organisations".

The major donors have committed themselves to support this strategy: support to the 34 provinces has been allocated among the three major donors (WB, USAID and EC). Most of the implementation of the Basic Package of Health Services (and partially of the Essential Package of Health Services) provision has been sub-contracted to NGOs with a few provinces having BPHS provision still implemented by MoPH.
The partners have also committed themselves to respond to the priority of building capacity to efficiently manage health facilities which is a condition for the success of the rebuilding the health system following the strategy of the government.

The scope of the current project is to assist the Health Care Service Provision General Directorate to roll out the activities, to plan in a sustainable way the progressive decentralisation of authority and to support the continuous stewardship role of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) at the provincial level.

This project underlines a long standing experience of AEDES in Afghanistan and in the Region for more than 10 years.