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Preparation of Action Fiche and Financing Agreement for MDG Initiative in Sierra Leone

Africa subsarienne
Sierra Leone
Duration in month
22 working days
Start date
End date
Project description
Global objective
The global objective of the consultancy service is to support the Government of Sierra Leone in facilitating the acceleration of sustainable progress towards the MDGs 4 and 5 in Sierra Leone.    

Specific objective(s)
The specific objective of the consultancy is to support the Government of Sierra Leone and the EUD in completing the EDF programming cycle for accessing funds from the MDG initiative in 2012.

Senior Public Health Specialist

Public Health
Short term
End recruitment
Job description
• Analysis of submitted MDG concept note and MDG programming guidelines within the context of:
o NHSSP 2018 - 2015, The Joint Programme of Work and Funding (JPWF), the Result and Accountability Framework (RAF), country compact and other related policy document
o Current donor initiatives addressing MDGs 4&5
• Review and Analysis of proposed implementation modalities in MDG concept note
• Facilitation of consultative process with stakeholders
• On the basis of the analyses undertaken above, drafting of Action Fiche, Financing Agreement including its Technical and Administrative Provisions, Logical Framework, Timetable of Activities and Budget as guided by HSSG.
This work includes:
o Clearly defining how the EC intervention will dovetail with other existing and planned initiatives by GoSL and other donors
o Setting out EC intervention objectives, purposes, means of implementation
o Designing of a logframe with verifiable indicators
 Required outputs
• Recommendations for different implementation scenarios, endorsed by HSSG
• Draft Action Fiches reflecting the different implementation scenarios based on the relevant EDF templates and guidelines, endorsed by HSSG
• Draft financing agreement including special conditions and all annexes such as TAPs, Logframe, Timetable, and Budget according to the relevant EDF procedures and templates
Job qualification
The senior expert shall be a public health specialist with at least a post-secondary university degree in a relevant field and general work experience of at least ten (10) years.
The expert needs to demonstrate a proven professional track record in the fields of public health management, development of health sector strategies, notably in the area of MDGs, institutional capacity development and a high level consultancy experience advising governments in these areas.
The expert should further have in-depth professional experience in EDF project writing and analysis and be fully conversant with the principles and working methods of EC project cycle management and EC aid delivery methods.
Work experience in Sub-Saharan Africa is desired; practical experience in developing public health projects in a fragile/post-conflict context is an added advantage.
The expert should demonstrate 'in-depth professional knowledge in EDF Project writing and analysis.
The expert must show excellent ability to communicate in English, excellent communication skills and proficiency in negotiation processes.
Mission duration and start date
22 working Days