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Formulation Mission Health Sector Policy Support Programme - Phase III

Asia + Oceania
The Philippines
Duration in month
1 month
Start date
End date
Project description
The objective of the mission is to determine the priority implementation actions to be supported by the EU and the resulting institutional and implementation arrangements, to propose the related disbursement criteria, benchmarks and performance indicators for a budget support operation and to determine technical assistance and funding requirements.
The work will build on the identification work undertaken so far, especially the recommendations from the HSPSP Evaluation, and from programme reviews undertaken by the DoH (such as the Joint Assessment and Planning Initiative (JAPI) and other partners (ADB, WB etc.).
Service description
The mission will involve the following tasks, which are to be undertaken in close collaboration with the DoH Counterpart Team and relevant government agencies at both central and local levels:
− Verify, update and complement the analysis presented in the identification fiche and supporting documents.
− Based on the assessment and in close collaboration with government and other partners refine the definition of objectives, expected results and confirm choice of the implementation modalities for the programme.
− Assess capacity development needs at different levels and of different government agencies (PhilHealth, FDA etc.)
− Review donor support to the health sector and identify areas and options of cooperation.
− In consultation with the beneficiaries and in line with UHC, make recommendations and prioritise the main reforms, actions and activities to be supported by the programme.
− Design in detail all components of the support programme including implementation arrangements and taking into account the expressed needs, support from other partners and financial envelope.
− Specify the technical assistance required to the implementation of the programme. This will include an indicative list of issues to be covered by short term technical assistance and long-term technical assistance inputs.
− Assess the economic viability and the financial sustainability of the proposed intervention. − Propose disbursement criteria, benchmarks and indicators related to the programme.
− Assist in finalising a comprehensive and coherent performance assessment framework.
− Define triggers for performance tranches including baseline and targets and provide a sound analysis of the relevant indicators including data quality.
− Determine the volume of capacity development, SBS as well as other services needed (e.g. visibility).
− Determine the performance dimension of budget support
− Prepare relevant documents for sound implementation of the programme including the technical and administrative provision for the financing agreement and the tender documents for the capacity development component.
− Perform other tasks as may be required in the course of the assignment.

Team Leader -Health Systems and Planning Specialist/Programme Design Specialist  (Senior)

Public Health
Short term
End recruitment
Job description
The Team Leader will be responsible for the mobilisation, supervision and coordination of all experts foreseen under this contract. He/she will lead the mission and will be the ultimate responsible for the outputs to be delivered.
Job qualification
Qualifications and skills
• Possess an advanced qualification (at least a Masters degree) or equivalent in public health or health system management.
• Fluency in English, both written and spoken.
• Strong inter-personal and communication skills including drafting and writing skills.

General professional experience
• A minimum of 10 years relevant professional experience in support to health sector reforms in developing countries including South East Asia.
• At least 3 years in team management.

Specific professional experience
• Extensive experience in the management and implementation and design of sector support programmes.
• Proven experience in sector budget support operations including design and compliance monitoring, preferably for the EU.
• Experience in sector-wide approaches involving donor coordination and incorporating aid effectiveness.
• Extensive experience in design and implementation of capacity development programmes for health sector reform implementation at national and sub-national level.
• Experience in health sector analysis and assessment.
• Experience of the decentralisation context.
• Strong experience in health planning and health systems development in the context of health sector reform.
Mission duration and start date
27 days, indicative starting date 5 November 2012
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