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Technical Assistance to strengthen the new Central Medical Store

Persian Gulf - Middle East
Origin of funding
French Development Agency
Duration in month
12 months and 15 days
Start date
End date
Project description
The general objective of the technical assistance is to insure that the new CMS building in Nablus is optimized through a well organized structure using adequate storage, distribution and management procedures and a monitoring system in order to show openness and cost-effectiveness.
Service description
The scope of work is to guide and support both the MOH and the new CMS management team during the transition phase between the current CMS in Ramallah and the new facility in Nablus. The expert will be at work for 12 months (full time in Nablus) and 15 days (short term missions):
Phase 1: Assisting in the moving and the installation of the drugs in the new CMS (duration : 3 months before the moving from the current CMS to the new facility)
Phase 2: Assisting the management team during the inception phase to ensure the successful launching of the CMS (duration: 9 months after the moving)
Phase 3: Three 5-day follow-up missions on a quarterly basis after the end of Phase 2 (duration: 15 days)

senior pharmacist specialized in Central Medical Stores management or in pharmaceutical wholesale facilities

Medicines and pharmaceutical policies
Long term
End recruitment
Job qualification
He or she should have a good knowledge in management, essential medicines policy and drug management, storage and distribution.
He or she should also have:
- An additional training in good pharmaceutical practices and more specifically in GSP & GDP (WHO or PIC's countries),
- A proving experience in implementing and monitoring GDP procedures
- A proving experience in stock management software and information system
- An experience in managing or supporting a management team of a public or private company of more than 50 employees
He or she will show a minimum of 10 years experience in pharmaceuticals.
He or she will be an English speaking person, but an Arabic speaking person will be appreciated.
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