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Results Based Financing Technical Assistance (RBF-TA)

Africa subsarienne
Duration in month
4/5 years
Project description
The Federal Government of Nigeria has received a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) towards the cost of implementation of the Nigeria State Health Investment Project (NSHIP). The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) an Agency of Government responsible for managing some aspects of the credit, intends to apply part of the proceeds for payments for services including appointment of Consultants for the Results Based Financing Technical Assistance (RBF-TA). The overall objective of the project is to introduce payment for outputs as opposed to input financing into the Nigerian health system as means of attaining the health MDGs.

Performance-Based Financing Technical Advisors (2)

Economy (Health)
Long term
End recruitment
Job description
The PBF Technical Advisor is part of the RBF-TA team and will be required to assist the state Project Implementation Units in scaling up and implementing PBF mechanisms, conduct some administrative tasks, lead local teams and other duties as assigned from time to time by the team leader and the project director.

- Main accountabilities

As a core member of the RBF-TA team, the Performance-Based Financing Technical Advisor will provide technical assistance to operationalize the RBF project at the NPHCDA and in the state of Nasarawa. To help Nasarawa state and Ondo state implement the project, the Performance-Based Financing Technical Advisor will be involved in and define operational procedures for the results based financing components (the DLIs; DFF and PBF); build institutional capacity of the NPHCDA/SPHCDA to carry out purchasing, verification and oversight functions; manage performance-based financing contracts or similar contractual agreements ; and, assist the states and the LGAs to make operational its DLIs/scorecards through an advisory function.

- Extent of authority and relationship

The PBF Technical Advisor will report to the national team leader (on a day to day basis) and overall to the Project Director or his designated substitute and is expected to establish and maintain good working relationships with RBF-TA consultants, staff, overall RBFTA management in Oxford and Abuja, and project partners and clients.

- Specific responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities for the job will include, but not be limited to the following:
1) Operationalize the RBF monitoring and evaluation and capacity building activities as described in the PBF manual and Project Implementation Manual (PIM);
2) Assist the States to set up a State/SPHCDA RBF Technical Support Unit that can support the State/SPHCDA to carry out purchasing, verification and oversight functions described above;
3) Develop a manual of procedures - based on the draft PBF user manual developed in the pre-pilot PBF LGA - acceptable to the Government and the World Bank that will govern the `implementation of PBF. The manual of procedures should cover procedures and tools for record keeping by facilities, the contracts used, results verification and counter verification mechanisms, business plan and indice tools, funds disbursement and accounting procedures, the services with their fees and the quality checklist, etc;
4) Design the training of trainers for PBF, and carry out the snow ball training to roll out PBF and DFF in each State;
5) Provide dedicated technical assistance to SPHCDA, LGA and health facility staff on PBF operational procedures, including training for staff and health workers in PBF and DFF  facilities in the states, as described in the agreed manual of procedures;
6) Assist the SPHCDA in the states to design and enter into contracts with all participating health facilities describing the performance framework as well as the roles and responsibilities in relation to RBF;
7) Ensure that sufficient agency verification staff is hired to carry out the monthly quantity verification activities timely.  These verification staff shall be qualified to carry out not only the quantity verification but also the coaching tasks.
8) Assist the SPHCDA in the states to establish formal LGA level RBF steering committees which meet at least quarterly to approve payment of performance invoices and oversee the decentralized governance and implementation of PBF. Each committee will be chaired by the LGA Authorities and will include relevant representatives of the SPHCDA, SMOH, local government and civil society in the LGA;
9) Assist the SPHCDA to carry out due diligence on the LGA RBF steering committee proceedings/and approved payments, and to ensure that payments to the health facilities bank accounts made by the fund holder(s) are based on verified services delivered in keeping with the agreed procedures;
10) Assist the NPHCDA in maintaining a web-enabled database that tracks the quantity and quality of services provided, and also assist the NPHCDA in maintaining a web-portal that disseminates information on Nigeria PBF, including information on payments and performance, to the wider public;
11) Build the capacity of State Level Actors involved in PBF to provide technical assistance to the LGA PBF/DFF actors to conduct supervision to judge the quality of care provided in participating facilities using a standardized quantitative checklist;
12) Build a new implementation oriented coordination mechanism with interested development partners and other stakeholders at the State level, which will gather field based technical experts from public and private agencies involved in health care delivery, to set the agenda in close collaboration with the SPHCDA and the SMOH and to function as its secretariat;
13) Create, using the implementation oriented coordination mechanism in each State, a system of ongoing intensified performance evaluations and data analysis capacities;
14) In close collaboration with the NPHCDA and the SPHCDAs and the States, provide inputs for a pro-active communication strategy (using all appropriate communication routes -web; radio; television-) which will showcase early PBF successes;
15) Ensure that the PBF manual and the PIM are modified annually based on implementation experience and in close collaboration with PBF stakeholders;
16) Set up systems for active contract management, and strategic purchasing using the web-enabled application, based on current best practice;
17) Staff the State RBF technical support units with sufficient staff to carry out the core purchasing, verification, capacity building and contract management functions; adapt staffing according to local State/SPHCDA situations and staff availability;
18) Provide guidelines for the states and the LGAs on supervision of the DFF LGAs;
19) Review and update NPHCDA, the World Bank and the States on the implementation of the DFF through regular quarterly reporting;
20) Provide technical assistance to the States and the LGAs on their DLIs and score cards.

Note: This job description reflects the present requirements of the post. As duties and responsibilities change and develop, the job description will be reviewed and be subject to amendment in consultation with the post holder. Not all of the above activities are required at all times, and details, as well as the level of effective responsibility, will be agreed as required with the team leader and, where necessary, the Project Director.
Job qualification
• University degree in an appropriate discipline with a post-graduate degree in public health, or an MBA;
• At least five years’ experience in implementing health projects in developing countries;
• At least three years’ experience in PBF technical assistance or similar arrangements;
• Must demonstrate capacity for innovation and flexibility;
• Have some administrative experience and be competent in leading teams;
• Demonstrable track record of success.
Mission duration and start date
Location: 1 expert is based in Nasarawa, the other one is based in Ondo States

Salary: USD$3,800 per month, plus annual air tickets to country of origin, as well as housing and moving allowances

Contract type: Fixed-term for 4 years - full time
C.V. model
no job found.

Interested candidates should submit a CV with two references and a supporting statement (max. two pages) highlighting specifically how they meet each of the selection criteria to (and CC:  by latest December 14th, 2014.  Please include a daytime contact number. Interviews will be carried out on a rolling basis, as applications are submitted.

 We expect the successful applicants to be at their duty stations by January 15th, 2015.

 Please send in all documents in the following format TITLE OF POST_LAST NAME_FIRST NAME_NAME OF DOCUMENT. For example, a CV for Tom Jones applying for project accountant position would be labelled as PROJECT ACCOUNTANT_JONES_TOM_CV.

 Unfortunately, we are unable to issue emails/letters of regret so if you do not hear from us by the end of January 2015, consider your application/interview unsuccessful.