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Elaboration of the Business Plan for the expansion project of Heart Institute (ICOR)

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Project description
AEDES is scouting a legal expert to provide legal input for an assignment in Mozambique. AEDES Consortium (AEDES-GEMELLI-ACODESS) has been shortlisted to submit an offer to elaborate the Business Plan for the expansion project of Heart Institute (ICOR) in Maputo, Mozambique.

The Heart Institute (ICOR) is an NGO. Its main objective is prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Mozambique. Its activities have both charity and commercial components. Under the charity component, ICOR is dedicated to treat children with heart diseases, sometimes supported by international organizations and specialists, and has so far treated over 1000 children being, 95% of them free of charge.
In order to keep up with market developments and competition, ICOR would like to extend its premises, therefore they have set up an expansion project evaluated at 3,3 million USD.

The five-year plan for investments aims at the construction of two new buildings, and computerization of patient care in order to improve operations and increase the institution efficiency.
Service description
ICOR expansion business plan must include the analysis of certain aspects that are bound to its NGO status, and these are notably:

• ICOR’s legal status (NGO): clarify whether the status of NGO will affect its capability to borrow from a bank point a view; what would be the needed evolution (status of company for part of the activities,…) ; what would be the workplan and the consequences of such a change ?
• Status of the land where the premises are built (DUAT): is it safe? can it be a taken as a collateral by a bank ?

AEDES will therefore subcontract the legal expertise to provide the above-mentioned analysis.

Legal Expert

Economy (Health)
Short term
End recruitment
Job description
The legal expert will work in a team made of two other experts: a specialist in financial modelling in the health care sector and a specialist with deep knowledge of the Mozambican private health care.
Job qualification
The legal expert must have relevant legal education, training. He/she must have relevant experience in the sector and in similar assignments, preferably in the region. Fluency in Portuguese is compulsory, excellent knowledge of English is also necessary. Preference is given to experts residing in Mozambique.
Mission duration and start date
The start date of the project is November, 2nd, and the total input for the whole team is 60 working days.
The legal expert’s input is to be defined.
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