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Fishing industry of Mauritania; Strengthening public-private partnership and developing a strategy for sustainability of programs against HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis in conjunction with HIV

Africa subsarienne
Nouakchott, Nouadhibou and western coast
Overall project value (EUR)
35 000€
Origin of funding
Partenaire Contre le Sida
Duration in month
Start date
End date
Project description
The global objective of the action consists in helping businesses in the fishing industry to measure the impact of HIV / AIDS on their members, to have a vision for short and medium term actions to initiate and to better mobilize their leaders and other actors in innovative action.
Service description
Specific objectives:
• Measuring the impact of HIV / AIDS on the work of a few companies in the fishing industry.
• Appreciate the commitment of business leaders and technical and financial partners on the subject and, where applicable, factors that hinder this commitment.
• Make recommendations for actions to undertake short or medium term.
• Propose strategies and actions for an effective response in the fight against HIV / AIDS in the fisheries sector.
• Identify partnerships to create or strengthen the technical and financial assistance for the implementation of proposed actions.

The results were:
• The company managers and leaders of professional organizations have access to objective measuring the impact of HIV / AIDS on businesses (in human productivity).
• National and international private actors are sentitized about the HIV / AIDS promematics within their in companies.
• Clear Interventions and priorities are provided for these companies in the short and medium term. Technical and financial partnerships are proposed to help implement actions.