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Strengthening of the blood supply system

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Project description
The transformation from the fragmented, mainly hospital based blood services under the legal and financial responsibilities of various entities into a nationally coordinated service, will ensure an adequate supply of blood and blood components of comparable quality and safety on national and regional level. The development and implementation of harmonised, recognised and accepted quality and safety standards for the blood supply will support and enhance the trans-national availability of safe blood and blood components for emergencies of any kind (natural disasters, global health threats).
The project will contribute to the strengthening of the capacity who's capacity in terms of staff training, so as to be able to perform the required duties and activities in the most efficient way in the new organisational scheme, thus providing a significant improvement of quality and safety of blood products in the country and effective functioning of the blood transfusion system. It will have a catalytic effect on the fundamental ongoing reforms of the system based on the national legislation for blood safety, fully harmonised with the EU Acquis.
The project aims to establish an integrated, well coordinated and sustainable blood safety system that provides for accessible blood and blood products with high quality and safety that will prevent communicable diseases, serving the main functions of the national healthcare system and providing for efficient and effective health care in emergencies (both nationally and regionally).
The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows:
To provide quality, efficient and continuous health care to the population of the Beneficiary Country through providing safety of blood and blood components, as well as through protecting the population from communicable diseases.
The purpose of this contract is as follows:
The strengthening of the blood safety system, through:
• Purpose 1: Appropriate implementation of the national legislation in the area of blood safety, aligned with the EU Acquis,
• Purpose 2: Strengthening the capacities of health professionals working in the field for proper implementation of the blood system and providing adequate and timely supplies of safe blood for all patients in need.

Medical Expert with Experience in Training

Economy (Health)
Long term
End recruitment
Job qualification
Qualifications and skills
• Minimum university/bachelor degree  in medicine (where the bachelor degree has been awarded on completion of a minimum of four years of study in a university) or relevant experience on training and training needs assessment of 5 years above the general experience mentioned below. A Masters degree would be considered as an asset.
General professional experience
• At least 10 years of professional experience in training the health sector, preferably dealing with practical experience with blood safety issues and preferably at a high level of seniority.
Specific professional experience
• Experience of at least 5 years in blood safety systems in EU countries  
• Experience of at least 3 years in training need assessment, preparation of training materials and delivery of trainings related to blood safety ;  
• Experience in working on similar projects will be considered as an asset
Mission duration and start date
minimum 120 working days
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