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Pharmacists - One year technical assistance

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Economy (Health)
Long term
Job description
AEDES is a private consulting company based in Brussels, specialised in public health. Since its creation in 1985, AEDES has implemented more than one thousand projects worldwide (in both long-term projects and short-term expertise). AEDES mission is to contribute to improving the quality and access to health care around the world. For this purpose, AEDES promotes the share and transfer of knowledge by providing experienced human resources, performing consulting, and management services in the area of health and food security.
AEDES is actively seeking pharmacists with a minimum of 5-10 years of experience, specialised in different areas of pharmaceutical management. The length of the contract is expected to be around 1 year.

1. Good understanding of general aspects of the public-sector supply chain management of health products in low- and medium- income countries. Understanding central medical stores functions and challenges, distribution models, supply chains related to vertical programs (HIV, TB, Malaria, vaccines, Reproductive health, etc.).

2. Good understanding of the governing structures of the pharmaceutical sector, such as directorates of pharmacy, regulatory bodies, supervision and inspection authorities, as well as their relationship with other structures of the Ministry of Health, such as the HIV, TB and Malaria programmes.

3. Familiarity with main donors and programs financing health products, such as Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, GAVI, GFF, UNFPA, PEPFAR, PMI, UNICEF, USAID, etc.

4. Sound technical knowledge of the different areas of pharmaceutical management including forecasting and quantification, procurement, storage and distribution, dispensing, rational use, quality assurance and management information systems.

Other skills:
1. Working experience in low- and medium- income countries.
2. Experience in project design, implementation, and evaluation desirable. Knowledge of change management will be an added value.
3. Demonstrated experience training and supervising staff.  Capacity to organize meetings, workshops and trainings.
4. Excellent writing and communication skills.
5. Fluency in French and/or English.
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