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AEDES (European Agency for Development and Health) seeks pharmacists, supply-chain specialists, and related health professionals with experience in strengthening pharmaceutical management systems in low- and medium- income countries, in anticipation to new projects’ needs.


Economy (Health)
Long term
Job description
AEDES is a private consulting company based in Brussels, specialised in public health. Since its creation in 1985, AEDES has implemented more than one thousand projects worldwide (in both long-term projects and short-term expertise). AEDES mission is to contribute to improving the quality and access to health care around the world. For this purpose, AEDES promotes the share and transfer of knowledge by providing experienced human resources, performing consulting, and management services in the area of health.
AEDES is actively seeking pharmacists, logisticians, and other health professionals with a minimum of 5-10 years of experience, specialised in different areas of pharmaceutical management. This experience may have been gained working at the private, public and/or non-for-profit sectors. Possible areas of expertise include but are not limited to the following ones:
1. Supply-chain management
o Supply-chain management in public and private sectors.
o Design of distribution models.
o Warehouse organization and management, GDP.
o Inventory management.
o Cold-chain management.
o Waste management.
o Supply-chain optimisation.
o Logistics: vehicle and transport management.

2. Logistics management information systems (“LMIS”)
o Utilization of ERP solutions for warehouse management.
o Development of dispensing tools.
o Use of Pharmacy software.
o Logistics reporting systems.

3. Policy framework
o Pharmaceutical policy.
o National laws and regulations.
o International and/or regional agreements and regulations.
o Pharmaceutical inspection.
o Health products registration.
o Quality assurance.
o Pharmaceutical governance and metrics.

4. Financing
o Pharma-economics.
o Pharmaceutical financing.
o Health-products’ pricing policies.

5. Sourcing
o Procurement of medicines (including tender processing, evaluation of technical bids, supplier management…).
o Selection, technical specifications and procurement of medical devices.
o Contracting.
o Forecasting and quantification.
o Market dynamics related to health products.
o Market intelligence.

6. Safety and security
o Promotion of rational use of medicines.
o Pharmacovigilance.
o Antimicrobial resistance.
o Pharmaceutical care.
o Global Health security.

Other qualifications:
• Excellent writing and communication skills.
• Fluency in French and/or English required.
• Working experience in low- and medium- income countries.
• Experience in project design, implementation, and evaluation is an added value.
• Experience working with national and international NGOs, international development agencies, and donors is highly desirable.
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