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Clinical trainings for a global care of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in articulation with nursing staff HIV of the mining sites in Guinea

Africa subsarienne
Overall project value (EUR)
Origin of funding
PCS: Partenaires Contre le Sida
Duration in month
Start date
End date
Project description
General Objective:
To improve the prevention capacities, tracking and care of HIV/AIDS on the mining sites.

Specific objective:
- To retrain forty people (of which some never treated cases of HIV) among the nursing staff of the mining sites to the prevention and the treatment of the HIV/AIDS.
- To set up a follow-up and evaluation system global care of HIV/AIDS within the CMG
- To reinforce the CMG capacities by training 4 focal/training points being able to ensure the training of the other sites of the CMG.
Service description
Upstream of the mission :
- To consult the Guinean national policy documents (standards and operating procedures of treatment by antiretrovirals, national strategic framework of AIDS fight, HIV screening, ...)
- To provide (paper format) different training module (training of trainers and nursing staff) allowing the recipients to maintain their knowledge;
- To prepare a satisfaction questionnaire on the trainings (to be distributed at the end of the training to all participants) and to analyze the results;

During the mission:
- To organize, lead and evaluate two trainings workshops;
- To provide a summery document of all aspects of the training;
- To define and set up a follow-up and evaluation system inter site (tools for collection, training of the focal points), as well as a training calendar for the new sites with training supports.