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Technical Assistance for the definition of performance indicators and data collection system in the area of infant mortality in Dominica

North America
Duration in month
Start date
End date
Project description
The objective of this assignment is to contribute to the reduction of the high IMR in Dominica through the provision of technical support for the designing of an evidence-based, integrated and context specific support framework, supported by a sustainable data collection and information system.
Service description
1. Provide recommandations for a sustainable Intervention Programme to reduce the IMR
2. Develop an Action Plan for implementation of the programme with a time schedule and annual SMART indicators
3. Propose two relevant indicators for the needs of variable tranches under the 10th EDF Multi-Sector Budget Support Programme
4. Provide recommandations for implementation of comprehensive perinatal and neonatal databases
5. Provide recommandations for the resources required for implementation of the Intervention Programme and the Comprehensive Databases

Senior Expert Epidemiology and Health Information System

Public Health
Short term
End recruitment
Job qualification
Qualification and skills: Minimum University degree in Epidemiology or other relevant discipline. Post-graduate in health information systems or relevant discipline is highly desirable.
General and Specific professional experience:
Experience in the design and management of data collection, processing and reporting health information systems including web or cellular network based communication systems
Experience with information systems management and information systems integration
Experience with (the design of) training programmes for the users of health information systems
Experience with antenatal/perinatal health information systems shall be considered an asset
Mission duration and start date
1,5 month
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