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Support to Sub-Recipients Grant Management

Asia + Oceania
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Project description
1) General objectives of the expertise mission
This expertise mission aims at strengthening the grants management capacity of all PRs, SR and SSR grant-recipients, and at reinforcing local community capacity in order to reach required program
scale-up, key affected populations and achieve impact.
2) Specific objectives
- To facilitate the roll-out of the Sub-Recipient Management Manual;
- To facilitate organizational capacity assessment of the Sub-Recipients under PR-NCHADS and develop a capacity strengthening plan.
3) Expected results
SRs and SSRs (NGOs and communities) management capacities are strengthened as well as PRs management expertise.
Service description
In close collaboration with the Principal Recipient Coordination Working Group (PR Coordination WG), the expert will conduct a set of structured activities to roll-out the Sub-Recipient Management Guidelines developed in June 2012.
The guidelines should be introduced to all Sub-Recipients of all four Principal Recipients and also to their Sub-Recipients in a series of cascading events. In close collaboration with the Principal Recipient staff (members of the PR Coordination WG), the expert will take the lead in designing a clear sequence of these activities, and detailed agendas for each training/workshop event and for assuming the leading facilitation role.
While conducting this activity, the consultant will ensure that there is a clear capacity building within Principal Recipient to improve the Sub-Recipient management processes following these trainings.
The training sequence would also include a risk management workshop for all four Principal Recipients.
In close collaboration with PR-NCHADS management team, the expert will facilitate organizational capacity assessment of the Sub-Recipients under the HIV SSF grant, and identify their weaknesses and develop capacity strengthening plan to address them.
The technical areas to assess include:Program Management,Finance, Procurement, Monitoring and Evaluation and SSR Management Capacity Assessment.
The expert will utilize the recently developed Sub-Recipients Management Manual, its tools and materials to the extent possible, ensuring a standardized approach.
The expert will assist with developing detailed plans of the process and provide assistance to PR-NCHADS team to take the lead in conducting the actual assessment, data gathering and critical review of the findings. The consultant should ensure to engage in the process the key NCHADS partners, as relevant.
The results of the assessments will form the basis for developing a capacity building plan for the SRs and SSRs to resolve their organizational weaknesses, and bring them up to speed with the Global Fund reporting requirements.
For both components, the lead expert will be assisted by a Khmer speaking consultant in his/her tasks to ensure smoother knowledge transfer of the overall process. It will be essential that the presentations and key tools are translated into Khmer language and utilized to transfer the knowledge.

lead expert in grants development, implementation, management and oversight

Public Health
Short term
End recruitment
Job qualification
Qualifications and skills:
- Master degree in public health, epidemiology, demography, management, social sciences or a combination of university degree with a strong quantitative training and experience.
- Excellent skills in:
· Communication.
· Team work.
· Knowledge transfer.
· Mentoring/coaching.
- Excellent interpersonal, co-ordination and negotiation skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with people in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.
- Excellent knowledge of Global Fund requirements and formats (work plans, budget, and other grant related documents).
- Proven conceptual analytical and evaluative skills and ability to conduct independent research and analysis, identifying issues, formulating options and making conclusions and recommendations.
- Excellent planning, organisation and problem solving skills.
- Excellent command of the English language; verbal and oral.
- Computer literate including knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Access.
Professional Experience:
- Relevant job-related experience preferably in health, development and/or social sectors, including 10 years of progressive experience with growing independence and decisionmaking authority for more complex projects;
- At least 8 years of experience in the development, design and implementation of health programs (preferably HIV, Malaria and/or TB), with experience in providing grants oversight and management, while implementing a broader program aiming to achieve health impact;
- Demonstrated direct experience with the Global Fund mechanism, its rules and regulations, and various formats and tools linked to its grant-related documents;
- Prior experience with Cambodian health care system, Cambodian government teams (mainly MoH),
- Previous direct experience of working on GF grants
Mission duration and start date
120 working days from 01/02/2014
no job found.