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Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Health in project preparation activities under PHARE Project BG "Establishment of a model for Health Information system"

Overall project value (EUR)
199.990 €
Origin of funding
European Commission
Start date
End date
Project description
The objective of the assignment is to provide technical assistance in the establishment of a model of integrated information system for the management of curative activities in the hospitals and for transmission of health and administrative service data needed to evaluate public requirements and demands for service at the Ministry of Health and 4 University Hospitals, under project BG "Establishment of a model for Health Information system".

The specific objective are: i) the Development of the Health Information System (HIS) model, needed to support the organizational innovation process of the health service system, which is in accordance with the European systems and standards; ii) Providing access to information for stakeholders - Ministry of Health, NHIF.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided by Your Staff:
• Analysing the information situation existing in the hospital network and demands for software and hardware of priority communication systems
• General planning of the Health Service Information System. Identifying priorities and requirements for computerization.
The general planning for the health service information system is broken down into two levels:
A) "hospital" level, by defining an integrated model of applicable solutions to operate health service and administration activities required for:
- the process of supplying services to the public;
- control over costs linked with supply of services;
- transmission of data required by the information systems at the Ministry of Health, health service authorities;
- transmission of health service data to the Ministry of Health needed to evaluate public requirements and demands for service;
- Specifically for this level, organizational models, functional requirements for SW and operational plans shall be worked out to introduce solutions
B) "Central administration" level (Ministry of Health), aimed at controlling/benchmarking the hospital systems and to programme projects for developing/rationalizing the health service system.
• Building the business process model of the system
• Building the architecture of the model of integrated health information system, based on:
• Building the relations to the external systems:
• Providing the integration possibilities with external systems:
Conducting of six seminars (or workshops) for representatives of MoH and hospital managers, for information about the tasks and functions that will be performed by the implementation of the model of integrated health system.
Service description
Composition of the team:
1 medicine systems engineering
1 system architect
1 IT engineer