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Health advisory services

Start date
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Project description
The key expert foreseen under this contract will have a crucial role in implementing the contract, as s(he) will give continuity to the services and progressively capitalise on the experience as services unfold.
During the period of implementation of the contract, the key expert will work exclusively in the framework of the contract, save justified exceptional cases duly approved by the programme manager. S(he) will work full time.
Service description
The global objective of this assignment is to support the EU in the implementation of its policies and programmes in health aid and the adaptations and adjustments required under its related policies (in particular regarding, but not limited to, The Agenda for Change, The Future of Budget Support, The EU Role in Global Health and the forthcoming Programme for Action on Global Health).
To achieve this global objective, these advisory services will also contribute to strengthen in a durable way the capacity of the EC staff in EU Delegations involved in health aid.
The envisaged support is to be provided through external advisory service (AS) of appropriate profile, technical and policy qualification and solid experience in the implementation of health aid. The AS will be provided primarily to the European Commission services (DEVCO headquarters and EU Delegations [EUD]) and - to a limited extent - to beneficiary countries institutions in the attainment and monitoring of the aforementioned objectives on global health.
In line with the policy priorities referred to under 1.4, the purposes of this contract are to provide advisory services and support with a view to:
Purpose 1: Help improve the quality  of the EU's development aid in health in the medium and long term through adequate support at the key steps of the project/programme cycle and through the increase in know-how and capacity of staff in charge of operations in the health sector
Purpose 2: Support the EU in the continuing definition and/or adaptation of coherent EU policies for global health aid
Purpose 3: Support the EU in its contribution to the improvement of the governance of the global health aid architecture and mechanisms, in its ambition to increase the coherence and the complementarity between interventions at bilateral and global levels; and in the definition of its own approaches to cooperation in the health sector
Purpose 4: Enhance the accountability framework of the EU through adequate resource tracking and impact monitoring and to enhance its visibility at all levels, while respecting the EU commitments in terms of aid effectiveness
Purpose 5: On a request base and resources allowing, to reinforce partner countries and, more generally, to reinforce the technical capacities of all stakeholders through targeted technical assistance and sharing of knowledge and know-how, in order to facilitate and improve the EU cooperation in the field of health.

Key expert – Public health specialist

Public Health
Long term
End recruitment
Job qualification
Qualifications and skills
Master's degree in public health or equivalent.  Health sector related undergraduate studies or equivalent would be an advantage
General professional experience
At least 10 years professional experience, covering health care, health sector and health policy development, and the formulation, the implementation, the monitoring and the evaluation of policies, programmes and projects in the area of public health (of which at least 5 years in developing countries).
Specific professional experience
S/he shall be fully conversant with the international policies and strategies related to health. They shall be familiar with the latest developments in the field of public health, including national policies and latest international developments (including governance issues).
S/he shall have preferably 5 years of experience with the policies of a major development cooperation agency as well as with their programmes and processes.
S/he shall have preferably 3 years of experience in higher level policy formulation and implementation related to the above described professional skills.

Additional requirements
S/he will have at least 2 years significant experience in capacity development, including a successful track-record of providing easy to use practical training support, development of training contents and training delivery.
S/he will have at least 2 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation systems: with an emphasis on their design.
S/he must have excellent drafting, networking, communication and oral presentation skills in both French and English.

A good knowledge of EU development policy and experience of EC development cooperation programmes and procedures would be an advantage.
In addition to their knowledge of French and English, good skills in Spanish and Portuguese would be an advantage.
Mission duration and start date
starting date 01/2018 full time
no job found.